How ChargeERP Makes Mandi Accounting Effective

How ChargeERP Helps Commission Agents With Efficient Mandi Accounting

Commission agents across India will attest to the fact that running a successful mandi business has a lot to do with good business acumen. Successful commission agents know how to grow their network of suppliers and customers, procure what their customers need, make timely payments to suppliers and keep business going no matter what external circumstances may arise.

Since generating profits and eliminating losses is at the core of a business’ success, good accounting practices are extremely important to commission agents. This is where ChargeERP mandi accounting software can create a huge positive impact.

The problem with traditional accounting

Traditional accounting, popularly known as bahikhata has been the backbone of mandi businesses for a long time. However, it does require a commission agent to employ at least one person to maintain the accounting records and data. Depending the size of the business, more people may be required.

Hiring and maintaining accounting staff is an expense. And many new or small mandi business owners may not have the budget for it. Another issue that affects manual accounting is that there is room for human errors. Similarly, it can be time-consuming. Finally, there is the issue of data loss due to theft, fire or natural calamities.

Benefits of online mandi accounting software like ChargeERP

  1. Easy to use: ChargerERP mandi accounting software has a simple elegant design and is a pleasure to work on. It is specifically designed for mandi commission agents and has dedicated sections for different aspects of the mandi business like Arrivals, Sales, Inventory Management, Financials, Accounts, etc. The software is available in both English and Hindi. The use of mandi specific terminology throughout the software makes it easier to understand. A commission agent can use it without any technical or accounting expertise.
  2. Easy bill and report generation: ChargeERP software allows users to generate, download and print 20 types of bills & reports like Customer Bill, Outstanding Report, Collection Report, Account Ledger, Absent Party List, Day Book, Cash/Bank Book, Journal, Expense Report, Ugrahi Register, and more.These have a professional format and boosts the user’s business image when sent to customers and suppliers.
  3. WhatsApp integration: WhatsApp integration on the software allows the users to send bills and reports over their mobile phone directly from the site. This makes it easier for them to send or forward these to their suppliers, customers or business partners even when they are not in the mandi.
  4. Anywhere access: ChargeERP users can access the software from any device across the globe. All they need is a good internet connection and they can go online to view the day’s accounting tasks and get an overview of what their team is doing. ChargeERP can be accessed by their users from any laptop, computer, or smartphone.
  5. Data security: The software uses end-to-end encryption to keep data safe and secure. End-to-end encryption is a method of wrapping data in a unique code so that only authorized users can view it.
  6. Efficient team management: ChargeERP Super Users (the commission agent who takes the annual subscription) can give permission to other users like their accountants or business partners to access the respective company accounts and perform mandi accounting tasks. The Super User can log in any time to view the tasks done by them.
  7. Extensive support: ChargeERP provides end-to-end customer support, starting with a free demo for those who sign up. A Data Entry Operator (DEO) is also sent to the user’s premises to do all the accounting tasks on the software. Similarly, tutorial videos are easily available for those interested in knowing more about the software.
  8. ChargeERP Eco: This innovation is a one-of-its-kind compact device packed with features that make it ideal for the busy commission agent. ChargeERP Eco is a complete mandi accounting solution that creates its own network once set up. Be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, the ChargeERP Eco can connect all these devices at a time. ChargeERP software provides end-to-end encryption to secure confidential accounting-related information. Users also get a pen drive to store their everyday accounting data securely.
  9. Cost-effective: ChargeERP is pocket-friendly, costing only Rs 14,500 for an annual subscription. Subscribers will also get the ChargeERP Eco and Data Entry Operator (DEO) assistance within this cost, making it one of the most worthwhile investments for commission agents.

We have listed out all the benefits of ChargeERP accounting software above. But don’t take out word for it – book a free demo today and find out more. Feel free to drop your comments below and also don’t forget to like, share and follow the blog for more.