Boost ROI With ChargeERP Mandi Accounting Reports

Boost your ROI with Striking ChargeERP Reports Functionality

For every mandi trader, it’s crucial to keep track of the financial health of their business. And, to understand the financial status, it’s essential to have accurate records.

Having easy-to-understand mandi accounting reports is a good step toward ensuring that you always stay on top of the current financial state of your business.

Accurate financial reports help keep everything organized and enable commission agents to track their revenue, therefore they are essential for every mandi business.

The best mandi accounting software, like ChargeERP, helps generate multiple bills and reports such as Customer Bills, Outstanding Reports, Collection Reports, Account Ledger, Absent Party Lists, and more. Now, let’s dive deeper into how these bills and financial reports can help boost ROI of your mandi business.

Benefits of ChargeERP Report Functionality

As a mandi business owner, you are expected to create multiple invoices and reports in a day. The manual process can be tedious and time-consuming as you will have to retrieve and collate data manually from your past records.

On the contrary, ChargeERP software lets you generate bills and reports with professional layouts in a fraction of a second. These reports provide up-to-the-minute insights into what is happening in your mandi business and its current financial standing.

Not just that, it also speeds up the overall billing process and saves you a great deal of time.

1. 20+ exclusive bills & reports
2. Professional-looking layout
3. 100% error-free
4. Customizable and downloadable

Important Reports in ChargeERP

1. Customer Bill

The customer bill shows the amount to be collected by the commission agents for the stocks sold to the customers. With ChargeERP, you can download, print, and share this customer bill with the click of a button.

2. Outstanding Report

Outstanding reports are one of the most important financial reports any mandi business would like to look into. These reports provide information about the amount payable to all the suppliers.

3. Collection Report

Collection reports provide information about the amount receivable from all the customers.

4. Absent Party List

Commission agents deal with many buyers and suppliers regularly, and some traders only transact occasionally. To segregate such buyers or suppliers, ChargeERP has brought in a feature ‘Absent party’. It is the list of people with whom the commission agent hasn’t done any dealing in the past 90 days.

5. Ugrahi Register

Ugrahi Register‘ plays a vital role in mandi accounting and helps save paper. It shows the total payments to be received from customers and advances if any. It’s a day-wise list, and the commission agent can check it for up to 5 back dates.

How ChargeERP Financial Reports Help Boost ROI

1. Cost-effective & Time Saving

The report functionality of ChargeERP mandi accounting software simplifies the overall accounting process. It saves time and cost and helps reduce redundancies arising from complicated manual data entry. The software generates various kinds of reports that provide required financial information instantly that helps make essential business decisions.

2. Enhanced Decision-Making Power

When accurate financial reports are available to commission agents, their planning and execution of essential decisions get streamlined automatically. Good business decisions help maximize the Return on Investment.

3. Increased Profits

When commission agents have reports with accurate and important data, it is possible to decrease additional costs. They can mitigate unnecessary costs and manage expenses to increase their profits.

4. More Growth Opportunities

With accurate financial reports available, developing business growth plans that boost ROI is simple. Commission agents can measure the results and make future business decisions accordingly.

With the help of ChargeERP software, you can quickly generate accurate weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial reports for your business. You can build the necessary strategies for your business growth using these reports.

ChargeERP software also allows multi-device access and promises to save 90% of your time and energy. It even provides DEO services to its clients, i.e., data entry support at their business location.

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