Role of Accounting Software in Mandi Business

Role of Accounting Software in Mandi Business

Accounting is an indispensable part of running any business, and mandi businesses are no exception. Traditionally, commission agents in mandis hired accountants or muneem to oversee their accounts. This was maintained manually in traditional bahi khata. However, with technological advancements, mandi accounting software has become more prevalent.

Indian mandi businesses require specialized accounting software to suit the different payment scenarios they face, be it identifying and recording different order types, tracking absentee parties, or generating different bills and report specific to the mandi business. This is being addressed by software like ChargeERP mandi accounting software. Let’s find out the various benefits that mandi software provides.

1. Reduces Manual Errors

Manual accounting leaves room for manual errors. And this is often difficult to track on ledgers. Plus, each error can cause a domino effect that affects the final results. With accounting software, it’s easy to trace a mistake and adjust it – the subsequent data will be automatically adjusted.

2. Secures Data

Traditional accounting ledgers are often locked away once the accounting is done. No backup ledgers are maintained. Simple things like termites, fires or dampness can destroy these ledgers. Such ledgers don’t stand a chance in natural calamities. Mandi accounting software like ChargeERP on the other hand saves the data digitally in a centralized system reducing the chances for data loss. Even better, no one can access the data apart from the authorized person. ChargeERP even provides end-to-end encryption for added security.

3. Saves Time And Money

Hiring accounting experts is an expensive affair. Accounting software on the other hand is comparatively inexpensive. When it comes to time consumption, creating daily reports or generating bills takes time when done manually. On the software, it takes hardly a minute.

4. Does Not Require Accounting Expertise

Most accounting processes require specialized know-how. Accounting software on the other hand is easy to master and does not require accounting expertise on the user’s side. Once the data is entered in the appropriate sections, the software does the calculations and gives the final result instantly.

5. Can Be Accessed From Anywhere

Traditional accounting ledgers can be accessed only at the place of work. So if a commission agent is away from the office for any reason, he is pretty much in the blind and has to get the details from his accountant. On the other hand, accounting software like ChargeERP can be accessed easily through smartphones, laptops or tablets, making it very convenient for the busy commission agent.

6. Gives A Professional Edge

Manually writing customer and seller bills, raising invoices, making reports, etc. are time consuming tasks. This can often be annoying to the person waiting to receive the bills or the accounting information. Mandi accounting software like ChargeERP allows commission agents to create such bills and reports instantly. Even better, the WhatsApp integration on the software allows such data to be sent across to the supplier, customer or business partner in an instant.

7. Allows for data comparison

One of the main reasons why accounting data is recorded is to see the overall expenditure and profits of a business and predict upcoming financial requirements. Accounting data also shows the profit-making pattern of a business and even shows the areas that produce losses. Accounting software can show the exact accounting information for a particular time period and a commission agent can look into years worth of data for easy comparison.

As you just saw, accounting software has a huge role to play in a commission agent’s mandi business. With technological advancements, everything including mandi accounting is getting a much-needed facelift. Accounting software like ChargeERP promises quick efficient results and is therefore going to be a huge part of mandi businesses in days to come. If you are interested in getting more information on ChargeERP, then please visit or dial +91 8588998844 and book your free demo today. Don’t forget to like and share this post, and do follow us for weekly articles.