What Makes ChargeERP Eco An All-In-One Package?

ChargeERP Box An All-In-One Package ChargeERP Box An All-In-One Package

Launched in 2021, ChargeERP Mandi accounting software is already assisting commission agents from different mandis across India. The software has helped mandi commission agents track down their daily sales, financials, inventory, arrivals, and what not. They also generate and share bills and reports in a few seconds using the software.

After one year of creating a strong influence in Indian mandis, ChargeERP software has come up with a new innovation – the ChargeERP Eco. Many of our users are wondering what made us introduce this unique product in the market and how it is an all-in-one mandi accounting solution. If you are a commission agent who is considering getting a new mandi accounting software, this write-up is for you.

Why we launched ChargeERP Eco

We have been keeping a keen eye on our customers’ needs for the past one year. We have addressed most of their pain points and optimized our software as per their requirements. One of the major issues they faced was difficulty in accessing ChargeERP (browser version) with limited or no internet connectivity. With ChargeERP Eco, this problem has been solved. The device creates its own network to which multiple devices can be connected and hence no external internet connection or special equipment is required. All you need is the box to do complete mandi accounting for your business.

What makes ChargeERP Eco special

All-in-one solution

As discussed above, the ChargeERP Eco is the only device you need to carry out your mandi accounting smoothly. It has the ChargeERP application, the WiFi connection, ports to connect your phone, laptop, desktop, etc., and a pen drive to store all the accounting data. This aids in reducing your time and increasing your efficiency at work.

Enhances data security

As we have emphasized many times before, ChargeERP is integrated with end-to-end encryption technology to protect your valuable financial information and sensitive accounting data. With ChargeERP Eco, you can enjoy added security by storing your data in a pen drive and then taking it along with you at the end of the day. Now you have total control of your accounting data.

Multi-device access

ChargeERP Eco can connect multiple devices at a time. It means that the reports, bills, and data entries can be accessed from any device to accomplish effective mandi accounting.

How to get your own ChargeERP Eco

ChargeERP Eco is free for all! First-time users will get it with their ChargeERP Annual Subscription and our existing users can claim on renewing their subscription! We’ll send a data entry operator (DEO) to set up ChargeERP Eco for all users. They’ll do the complete installation and connect all the devices for you.

ChargeERP mandi accounting software is the easiest, fastest, and most secure mandi accounting software designed to fulfill the needs of mandi commission agents. This software is easy-to-use and doesn’t require any kind of technical or accounting expertise.

If you are looking to explore more about ChargeERP software and the box, feel free to dial +91 9311341199 or visit www.chargeerp.com. You can also request a free demo here: https://www.chargeerp.com/#demo. You can also follow us on Facebook for regular updates and view the latest instructional and testimonial videos on the ChargeERP YouTube channel.