Top 10 News Of The Week (16th July to 22nd July)

Weekly round-up of the top 10 news Weekly round-up of the top 10 news

Want to know what is going on in the agricultural sector of India? Here’s a round-up of the top 10 news.

1. Ludhiana: Rain Becomes A Saviour For Farmers

The sudden rainfall has become a blessing for farmers of Ludhiana. This rain is especially useful for the paddy farmers who had concerns about crop health earlier due to the heatwave. However, with the cloudy weather, the heat is not a problem anymore. The farmers are now hoping for a bumper crop this time. Not just paddy farmers, but fish farmers are also enjoying the rains. Their ponds are filled with fresh water and the fishes are thriving. Read more here.

2. Sangrur: Heavy Losses Keeps Farmers Away From Crop Diversification

Due to heavy losses caused by pink bollworm attacks and bad weather, the farmers of Sangrur are now avoiding doing any crop experiments. The government has been asking the farmers to opt for crop diversification for quite a long time, but they could not successfully convince them. The officials only achieved to bring 1244 hectares of land under the cotton cultivation when the set target was 2500 hectares. Read more here.

3. Agricultural Household’s Monthly Income Saw A Rise

A survey showed that the average monthly income of agricultural households has increased from ₹6426 in 2012-12 to ₹10218 in 2018-19. The central government set up an Inter-Ministerial Committee in April 2016 to double farmer’s income. The committee runs many strategies for this such as improving crop productivity, improving livestock productivity, lowering cost of production, increasing crop intensity, crop diversification, etc. Read more here.

4. Food Supply Chain Could Be Affected By EU Farmer’s Protest

The farmers of Europe are protesting against the emission cut proposal of the Netherland government. According to experts, this might also affect the world food supply chain and economy. Due to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, the oil and food sectors suffered a big hit. This protest is being followed by the farmers of Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland. Read more here.

5. Mizoram: Govt To Promote Agricultural Mechanization

Following the mission of agricultural mechanization, the agriculture minister of Mizoram C Lalrinsanga flagged off 6 tractors. He said that with time. the government will release more of these tractors to promote agricultural mechanization in order to increase the state’s agricultural produce. He requested farmers to make use of the machinery they received and report any issues they face with the authorities. He also said that farmers use machinery to increase their crop production. Read more here.

6. Agri Minister Launches Platform To Promote Agri Trade & Marketing

Union minister Narendra Singh Tomar launched the Platform of Platforms (POP) integrated with the National Agriculture Market (e-NAM). This is intended to promote trade and marketing of agricultural produce. With the help of this, farmers can also sell their produce easily outside their state. POP was launched to give farmers digital access to multiple markets, buyers, and price search mechanisms. The Ministry also released also equity grants of ₹37 crores to around 1018 Farmer Producer Organizations to benefit about 3.5 lakh farmers. Read more here.

7. Energy Minister: No Free Power Supply For Agri Sector

According to the energy minister of Bhubaneshwar, there is no proposal for giving the agricultural sector free electricity. The current consumption of electricity in the agriculture sector of Odisha is just 2.72 % of the total energy requirement. The power consumption of the state has barely increased from 158 million units to 806 million units during the last 10 years. Odisha does not give free power supply or subsidies like other states. However, they reduced the unit rate for the farming sector. Read more here.

8. ITC Launches A Super App For Farmers

ITC Ltd has launched a ‘Super App’ recently for the efficient procurement of agricultural products and to increase farmers’ income. The app will start in seven states with 200 FPOs. This app will work with 40,000 farmers for wheat, paddy, soya, and chili. The app is named MAARS as in for Meta Market for Advance Agricultural Rural Services. The app use Artificial Intelligence to keep upgrading itself. Read more here.

9. India’s Agricultural Exports Rose 14%

In the first three months of the current financial year 2022-23, the Indian agricultural and processed food products exports saw a significant growth of 14%. Last year, India exported agri products worth $5256 million and now it has reached $5987 million. For this financial year, the government has set a target of $23.56 billion. This includes tea, coffee, spices, cotton, and marine exports. Read more here.

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