Top 10 News Of The Week (18th June to 24th June)

Weekly round-up of the top 10 news Weekly round-up of the top 10 news

Want to know what is going on in the agricultural sector of India? Here’s a round-up of the top 10 news.

1. Amritsar: Agriculture Officials Want Farmers To Use DSR

The District Agriculture Department of Amritsar organized a program where they encouraged farmers to opt for direct seeding of rice (DSR) technique. Farmers took a great interest in learning how to use the DSR technique. Currently, farmers spend ₹6000 to ₹7000 per acre for transplanting rice. According to officials, DSR technique will help farmers reduce transplanting costs. Read more here.

2. Expert Opinion: Agri-Economy Can Fail Due To Poor Monsoon

According to experts, bad monsoon can have a negative impact on the agricultural economy of India. The delay in monsoon and low rainfall will directly affect production. The monsoon accounts for 70% of India’s annual rainfall and this helps irrigate 60% of sown area. Due to the delay in monsoon, farmers have put paddy sowing on hold. Experts say that bad monsoon can cause trouble for India’s food security too. Read more here.

3. Punjab: Agri Department Gives 8,000 Quintal Substandard Seeds To Farmers

The Agriculture Department of Punjab supplied around 8000 quintal of seed of green manure crop (dhaincha) to farmers. This crop increases the physical properties of the soil and helps meet the nitrogen requirement of the crop. However, according to some sources the seeds provided by the department do not meet expectations. During testing, 57 of the 65 specimens were found to be substandard. Read more here.

4. India To Have Agriculture In School Education

Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar had a brainstorming session with Indian Council of Agricultural Research to plan how they can add agriculture to Indian school curriculums. Various principals of schools, senior teachers and expert and officials of ICAR, NCERT and CBSE came to this session and presented their ideas. The new education design will be available for primary, middle and secondary schools with vocational courses at higher levels. Read more here.

5. Naredra Tomar: Agriculture Needs Maximum Use Of Technology

During a session in Bihar Agricultural University, Union Minister Narendra Tomar said that agriculture can be more profitable if there was adequate focus on research and development and technology. He said that the government is already working on making farming more sustainable and profitable with various government schemes. He said that technology in farming is essential to getting better produce, lowering costs and increasing productivity. Read more here.

6. Telangana: Agriculture, Allied Sectors Witness Tremendous Growth

Sectors allied to agriculture such as fisheries, dairy, etc. in Telangana saw significant success this year. Since the formation of the state in 2014, the government has been increasing the budget for agriculture and allied sectors to increase their productivity. Live stock wealth increased from ₹24878 to ₹94400, milk production grew from 42.07 lakh tons to 60.99 lakh tons, and fish production went from ₹2479 crores to ₹5859 crores. Read more here.

7. Karnataka: Govt Launches Software For Farmer’s Accessibility To Agri-Schemes

Karnataka government has launched software so that the farmers can get easy access to government schemes. This software enables Aadhar-based single registration for all the schemes the farmer is eligible for. Many state departments such as agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, revenue, food, civil supplies, and fisheries will be covered in this. The name of the software is The Farmer Registration & Unified Beneficiary Information System or FRUITS. Read more here.

8. Canal Closure In Rajasthan Makes Kinnow Farmers Switch Crop

After the heatwaves, the closure of canals is making kinnow farmers of Rajasthan worry. The canals have been closed for maintenance and now farmers are switching the crop with moong, cluster bean and cotton. Extreme heat and lack of water have affected around 80% to 90% of the kinnow orchards this year. Recently the Horticulture Department showed stats which shows that out of 11,540 hectares, 115 hectares were uprooted and the number is steadily increasing. Read more here.

9. Maharashtra Govt Plans To Increase Cotton & Soyabean Production

Maharashtra government is planning to increase the production of cotton and soyabean. For this, they have recently approved a budget of ₹1000 crores. Farmers who have hundred acres of land are going to get the benefit of this scheme. The government is planning to cover 300-400 farmers who have this eligibility factor. According to officials, ₹450 crores have been allocated for cotton and ₹100 crores for soyabean and other oilseeds. Read more here.

10. Now Get A Concise Collection Report On ChargeERP

ChargeERP, the easiest, fastest, and most secure mandi accounting software from Bijak has introduced a concise version of the Collection Report, along with the detailed one. Users will now be able to download Collection Reports in a concise format displaying 150 accounts on one page and a few columns including ‘Account’, ‘Closing Balance’, and ‘Dr/Cr’. Before this, they launched an independent Seller Bill.

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