Top 10 News Of The Week (27th May to 3rd June)

Weekly round-up of the top 10 news Weekly round-up of the top 10 news

Want to know what is going on in the agricultural sector of India? Here’s a round-up of the top 10 news.

1. Farmers To Adopt Commercial Crops For Better Earnings

Agriculture Minister Niranjan Reddy said that farmers should track the lifestyle of the masses. Hence they should focus on cultivating not just traditional crops but commercial crops too. He said that the eating habits of people have drastically changed. This is why farmers should cultivate cereal and horticultural crops accordingly to meet market demands. The Minister said that due to an acute shortage of oilseeds, they are already promoting oil palm cultivation. Read more here.

2. Jharkhand: Milk Farmers Could Get A Hike In Income

On Wednesday Jharkhand Milk Federation and Indian Dairy Association celebrated World Milk Day. On this occasion, Agriculture Minister Badal Patralekh gave a green flag for newly procured vehicles by Medha Dairy. These are nine refrigerated and five milk tankers. This procurement of vehicles is under the national agriculture development scheme. The managing director of Jharkhand Milk Federation said that they will increase the incentive of farmers by ₹2 per litre. Earlier this was ₹1 litre. Read more here.

3. Tamil Nadu: Kuruvai Package For Kaveri Delta Farmers

Tamil Nadu government is likely to increase the Kuruvai paddy crop package for Kaveri delta farmers which is worth ₹61.09 crores. This step is being taken to increase food grain production. Chief Minister M. K. Stalin said that this package included a component of ₹47 crores for the distribution of certified seeds, fertilizers like DAP (Diammonium phosphate) and potash, green manure seeds, and agricultural implements including tractors. Read more here.

4. Punjab: Farmers Instal Solar Panels For Tubewells

Many farmers of the Talwandi Mand area of Sultanpur Lodhi have started to use solar panels to run their tubewell motors. A lot of farmers are now opting for solar tubewells because of their benefits. These tubewells range from 3 – 7.5 horsepower and the solar panels cost between ₹1.5 lakh to ₹2.5 lakh. The diesel motor costs the farmers around ₹1200 per day. And now with their solar panel, they can cut this cost to zero. Read more here.

5. Mithivirdi: Organic Farmers Unite To Sell At Better Prices

Around 80 organic farmers from Mithivirdi have collaborated to sell their produce at profitable rates. Earlier, they were selling individually to customers and were making small profits only. Now they have connected with the Farmer Producer Organization (FPO). By this method, farmers can earn more profit and the uncertain product price can also be settled. This group is not just reaping benefits from organic farming, now they are also promoting it to other farmers. Read more.

6. Govt To Make An Agroforestry App For Farmers

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to create an app based on agroforestry. This app will be an education point for farmers where they can learn about various tree species and help them with agroforestry plantations. The officials want to increase the state’s green cover from 9.23% to 15% in the coming years. The officials discussed the possibilities of this in a workshop of the Centre of International Forestry Research (CIFOR). Read more here.

7. Not Abandoning Cattle: Government

The Uttar Pradesh government said that FIR will be registered against farmers who abandon their unproductive cattle. Farmers will be charged against the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Animal Husbandry Minister Dharampal Singh pointed out this issue in one of his press conferences. He said that till May 15th, 6,187 cow shelters were created in urban and rural areas. Currently, 8,38,015 cattle are living there. Read more here.

8. Himachal: 1.7 Lakh Farmers Have Begun Natural Farming

During the 12th Biennial National Krishi Vigyan Kendra Conference, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said that currently, 1.7 lakh farmers have adopted natural farming in Himachal Pradesh. He said that they have started ‘Prakritik Kheti Khushal Kisan Yojana’ in the state for the long-term welfare of farmers. Also, they have made a budgetary provision of ₹25 crores for the promotion of natural farming. According to the CM, Himachal is aiming to become a natural farming state in the next 15 years. Read more here.

9. Indian Farm Sector Showed 4.1% Growth In Quarter 4

According to recent data, India’s farm sector grew at the rate of 4.1 %. in the fourth quarter. The previous year, it was around 2.8 %. According to the experts, this tremendous growth happened because of the good performance of non-crop sectors such as horticulture, floriculture, and animal husbandry. More exports during January – March 2022 have also contributed to this. In the farm sector growth between 3.5 – 4 is considered a good long-term growth. Read more here.

10. Now Get A Concise Collection Report On ChargeERP

ChargeERP, the easiest, fastest, and most secure mandi accounting software from Bijak has introduced a concise version of the Collection Report, along with the detailed one. Users will now be able to download Collection Reports in a concise format displaying 150 accounts on one page and a few columns including ‘Account’, ‘Closing Balance’, and ‘Dr/Cr’. Before this, they launched an independent Seller Bill.

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