Top 10 News Of The Week (14th May – 20th May)

Weekly round-up of the top 10 news Weekly round-up of the top 10 news

Want to know what is going on in the agricultural sector of India? Here’s a round-up of the top 10 news.

1. Govt Is Aiming To Make Agriculture Profitable: CM Shivraj

Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said on Wednesday that the government’s prime objective is to make agriculture a profitable business for farmers. He said farmers should diversify agriculture and also adopt natural farming. The government will also give farmers ₹900 per month to keep a cow for natural farming. According to the CM, the irrigation area of the state is also increasing. This year irrigation schemes worth ₹30,000 crores will start as well. Read more here.

2. 59 Panchayats of Trichy Will Join Agriculture Development Scheme

59 panchayats from Trichy have been selected for the ‘Kalaignar All Village Integrated Agriculture Development Programme’. This program is being launched to ensure overall agriculture development and self-sufficiency in villages. Currently, the scheme is aiming to reach up to 2500 panchayats in five years. In this scheme, fallow lands will be converted to cultivable lands so that more farmers can work in them. Read more here.

3. Wheat Output Might Fall By 3%: Center

According to the center, India’s wheat output for this year might fall by 3%. The new output estimation is 106.41 million tons. Last year the wheat output was around 109.59 million tons. This summer’s heat wave has affected the wheat and cut down its yields by 20%. To control the production, India has already suspended all overseas sales of wheat. However, the government will export wheat to some countries that are relying on Indian wheat exports to meet their food security needs. Read more here.

4. India’s Sugar Export Might Increase By 25%: ISMA

Indian Sugar Mills Association said that for the years 2021-22 sugar exports are likely to rise by 25%. In the previous year, India exported around 71.91 lakh tons of sugar. This year it’s likely to touch 90 lakh tons. This season 521 sugar mills operated while only 506 operated the previous year. According to some reports, export in over 90 lakh tons of sugar is expected this year against the 71 lakh tons exported last year. Read more here.

5. Delhi Government Planning To Launch Urban Farming Policy

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai said that the government is planning to launch Urban Farming Policy based on best practices from around the world. Gopal Rai showed his concerns about the increasing concrete dwellings, noise pollution, and growing population in the capital. He stated that he wants the growing population to learn urban farming so that they can grow their own fruits and vegetables. Read more here.

6. Dharmapuri: Govt Gives Mobile Tomato Processing Units To Farmers

Tomato is one of the most grown crops in Dharmapuri. It is cultivated in around 2460 hectares of land. In an average year, Dharmapuri produces around 58,400 tons of tomatoes. The government wants to help the farmers fight price fluctuations and make better use of tomatoes in the off-season. To do this, they have introduced two mobile tomato processing units that can turn tomatoes into value-added products like sauce, jam, and juice. Read more here.

7. Nashik: Low Onion Prices Making Famers Unhappy

Onion farmers in the Deola APMC are protesting against the low wholesale onion prices. According to the Nashik district president of Maharashtra State Onion Grower’s Association, the actual cost of production is ₹2000 per quintal. Earlier, the farmers were getting only ₹1000 per quintal. From the past few days, this has fallen to ₹600 per quintal. Now the association wants the government to grant ₹500 per quintal to all the farmers who sold their produce at lower rates in the past two months. Read more here.

8. Union Minister: Farmers Should Adopt Tech To Hike Their Income

Union Minister Kailash Choudhary said that if the farmers adopt technology, add value to their products and export it, they can increase their income more efficiently. He said farmers should focus more on exporting their produce because that will ensure more income. He also highlighted that under the Agri Infrastructure Fund scheme, the government is giving farmers loans up to ₹2 crores which farmers should put to use. Read more here.

9. Cumin Prices Skyrocket Due To Shortage

Rajasthan and Gujarat have seen around a 40% shortfall in the cumin crops. Also, the high export demand has inflated the prices up to ₹4500 per 20 kg. Currently, the cumin prices are around ₹3900 to ₹4500 per 20 kg depending on the quality. The extreme weather conditions are being linked to the shortage of production. Currently, India is accountable for 70% of the world’s cumin production. This shortage has not only affected India but the global prices too. Read more here.

10. Now Get A Concise Collection Report On ChargeERP

ChargeERP, the easiest, fastest, and most secure mandi accounting software from Bijak has introduced a concise version of the Collection Report, along with the detailed one. Users will now be able to download Collection Reports in a concise format displaying 150 accounts on one page and a few columns including ‘Account’, ‘Closing Balance’, and ‘Dr/Cr’. Before this, they launched an independent Seller Bill.

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