Mustard Cultivation In India

Mustard Cultivation In India Mustard Cultivation In India

Diwale Dulhaniya Le Jaaenge is a super hit movie from 1995. Remember the iconic scene from DDLJ where Raj (Sharukh Khan) and Simran (Kajol) are standing in a sarson ka khet and he does his signature move? Many of us have tried to copy that scene every time we passed by a mustard field.

India is one of the largest producers of mustard in the world. The mustard crop contributes to about 28.6% of the total oilseeds production. Hence, we can say that mustard is an important oilseed crop of India. In addition, mustard seed plants are also used as green vegetables. Mustard seeds and mustard oil is used for culinary purposes, oiling machines and even for regular head champi (head massage).

Mustard cultivation has become very popular in India. The reason behind this is the growing demand as well as sales at minimum support price (MSP) and sometimes even above MSP. In recent years,  private players have offered around Rs 5,000 for mustard, whereas the MSP for the 2021-22 rabi marketing season (RMS) is Rs 4,650. Mustard produces edible oil that is used in cooking. On the other hand, germinated mustard seeds are used as a spice to prepare vegetables and curries in India.

Mustard field
Mustard field

The byproduct of mustard oil production is also used as oil cake to feed cattle. The cost of cultivation of mustard is quite reasonable. This means one can do mustard farming with less investment.

Here we have listed the regional names of mustard seeds in India:

  • Hindi – Rai, Banarasi rai, Kalee sarson
  • Gujarati – Rai
  • Kannada – Sasive
  • Kashmiri – Sarisa, Issue
  • Telugu – Avalu
  • Tamil – Kadugo
  • Malayalam – Kaduku
  • Punjabi – Rai, Banarasi rai, Kalee sarson

Let’s now look at the states where mustard cultivation is done:

  • Rajasthan
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Bihar
  • Orissa
  • West Bengal
  • Punjab
  • Haryana
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh

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