One Day With Million Smiles: Ugadi And Gudi Padwa

Ugadi And Gudi Padwa Celebration Ugadi And Gudi Padwa Celebration

Ugadi is considered as the lunar new year by the people from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in India. Ugadi is a spring festival. It usually falls in late March or early April in the western calendar and it signifies a change in the season. It is believed that Lord Brahma created the universe on Ugadi. The nine-day long spring festival of Vasanta Navratri, commonly known as Chaitra Navratri, begins on this day and concludes on Ram Navami. The significance of the date on which Ugadi is celebrated is that, in the 12th century, the famed Indian Mathematician Bhaskaracharya’s astronomical calculations were used to determine the date of Ugadi.

Ugadi Celebration
Ugadi Celebration

Ugadi preparations begin a week in advance of the festival. People clean their homes and buy new clothes. ‘Bevu bella’, which is a customary food, is prepared on this day. It is a paste made from jaggery (sugar), neem buds, tamarind juice, and raw mango. The paste combines several sweet and sour flavours. These different tastes remind people about both the happy and sad events experienced in life.

While the southern states celebrate the day as Ugadi, the northern states celebrate Chaitra Navrtari. Similarly, people in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka celebrate Gudi Padwa on this day. Gudi Padwa is the traditional new year for Marathi Hindus and it marks the start of the civil year among Hindus, particularly in the central Indian states.

Gudi Padwa Celebration
Gudi Padwa Celebration

This day is observed by erecting a special Gudhi flag consisting of a silk banner with a garland of flowers and leaves and topped with an upturned clay pot. The Gudhi is displayed from windows, roofs or trees. This Gudhi is a representation of the flag of Brahma as mentioned in the ‘Brahma Purana’. Gudhi is recognised as a good luck symbol that wards off evil and brings prosperity. On this day, people make sure to visit friends and family, clean their houses and dress up in new clothes.

Importance of Ugadi and Gudi Padwa in agriculture

While Ugadi and Gudi Padwa have religious significance, they are often linked with agriculture too. This day marks a change in seasons and accordingly the sowing and reaping of crops. Gudhi Padwa or Ugadi marks the end of the rabi season and beginning of zaid season.

Zaid season falls between kharif and rabi seasons, typically between March to June. Crops grown during this period require warm, dry weather for growth and longer days for flowering. Zaid crop are significant for farmers as it helps them earn fast cash and act as gap-fillers between the two chief crop seasons.

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