Artificial Intelligence And Chatbots In Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots in Agriculture Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots in Agriculture

Agriculture is the oldest and the most important profession known to mankind. It is difficult to put a date to when agricultural activity began but it is well observed that agriculture has transformed over the centuries. With the growing population, the demand for agricultural produce has grown exponentially but the resources are scarce. This has made way for innovation and technology in the agricultural sector.

The agricultural industry very well accepted artificial intelligence and machine learning. This helped in improving the quality of agricultural produce. The sector also accepted chatbots for quick assistance to common queries. Chatbots are convenient and give out facts and instant solutions to farmer’s problems. With the help of machine learning, chatbots today are so sophisticated that they answer all sorts of problems faced by farmers.

With acceptance of machine learning, chatbots, drones and intelligent monitoring systems, agricultural robotics is also making its way into the field. Artificial Intelligence has set in the next phase of ultra precision agriculture. Let’s look at some of the benefits of artificial intelligence and chatbots in agriculture:

1. Image recognition

Image recognition is one of the basic steps for Machine Learning. It helps in identifying different crops. It also helps in identifying fertilizers and pesticides being used. Image recognition enables farmers to detect crop health, check for vitamin deficiencies and assess overall crop quality.

2. Chatbot assistance

Chatbots provide direct information to the queries of farmers without exploring complex information channels. Chatbots are trained with data fetched using artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are developed with natural language processing and can understand all languages including regional languages. Chatbots provide immediate assistance to the questions raised by farmers or help them connect with a skilled person.

3. Soil examining

Soil is the foundation of any agricultural process. With repeated cultivation, the quality of the land degrades as the nutritional value goes down. It sometimes also makes the soil uncultivable. Continuous plowing negatively impacts both the land and the crops. AI-led technology examines the soil and identifies pain points, gives customized solutions, and analyzes the progress of the soil.

4. Crop analysis via Drones

Drones are used on multiple fronts in the agriculture industry. They are used for crop health assessment, irrigation, and monitoring of wildlife. They also help in disaster monitoring. Farmers can also deploy systems while being at home and yet keep a check on their farms. Drones are also used for spraying purposes.

5. Weather prediction

Artificial Intelligence helps in providing accurate weather predictions. This helps farmers to be aware of the speeds of the wind, humidity, rainfall, etc. Farmers can plant the crop accordingly keeping the weather conditions in mind.

Automated processes such as AI, ML and chatbots have brought in changes in the agricultural sector. Data science, data monitoring, and data processing are now all done in the least amount of time with maximum profitability and minimum possible time with AI-led technology. This in return helps in increasing the agricultural produce. As productivity increases, more and more crops reach mandis across the country. With this surge, the work of commission agents at various mandis will also increase. They will need to invest more time in mandi accounting activities like bill generation, managing inventory and keeping track of payments. Understanding the concerns of commission agents in mandi accounting and turning them into opportunities, Bijak which is India’s Number 1 Agritrading App, came up with a mandi accounting solution called ChargeERP.

ChargeERP the solution

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