Ways To Conserve Water In Agriculture

Water conservation in agriculture Water conservation in agriculture

The Indian economy is quite dependent on agriculture, and the agriculture sector is dependent on the monsoons. Adverse changes in climate conditions due to global warming has led to floods, drought, soil erosion. This has resulted in the decline in crop productivity. In this scenario, it is necessary to make provisions and practice techniques that help in saving water.

The agricultural sector consumes a large portion of the total freshwater supply. Groundwater depletion has also become a threat to food security. Around 245 billion cubic meters of groundwater is consumed in India annually, and 90% of it goes to agriculture. As the consumption is high and water resources are shrinking, there will be more stress on agricultural land and freshwater sources. Hence, farmers are now taking help from agritrade in implementing advanced processes to conserve water. Let’s look at the present water conservation solutions.

1. Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a method by which the farmers can collect rainwater in tanks and reservoirs for future use. This is beneficial in the face of unpredictable weather conditions, water scarcity and depleting groundwater levels. The best part about rainwater harvesting is that not only can be be used in agriculture, but it can be practiced in homes, offices, parks, etc. This will help in solving the water shortage problem to some extent.

2. Irrigation Scheduling

The use of technology in agriculture has been highly potent and fruitful when it comes to water conservation. Agritech companies have come up with solutions to reduce the excessive use of water in fields. For example, farmers can schedule irrigation plans using automated sprinklers based on weather predictions. This will help in saving the already low groundwater levels.

3. Drought-Tolerant Crops

It is important to know about the region before practicing agriculture. It is important that farmers grow crops that are in line with the regions. For example, if the region is drought prone, then they should focus on growing naturally drought-tolerant crops. This way they will not be much dependent on water. The drought-resistant plants can thrive even in soil with relatively few nutrients.

4. Rotational Grazing

Rotational grazing means to move the livestock between fields to promote pasture regrowth. This helps in water absorption, a decrease in water runoff, improves drought management, and increases the soil’s organic matter. This also helps in extending grazing periods as well as improve productivity of livestocks.

5. Use of Technology

In recent times, the use of technology in agriculture has increased. This has helped in aiding sustainable development. With artificial intelligence, machine learning and other digital technologies, farmers and organisations get alerts of possible agri-adversities in advance and they have been able to conserve water better to face the water shortage. This has also helped in boosting production significantly. Monitoring all farming practices with digital technologies have become easy and it also promotes better water management.

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