Top 10 News Of The Week (12th March- 18th March)

Weekly round-up of the top 10 news Weekly round-up of the top 10 news

Want to know what is going on in the agricultural sector of India? Here’s a round-up of the top 10 news.

1. JSW Cement Signs MoU To Use Agricultural Waste As Biomass

JSW Cement, part of JSW Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Punjab Renewable Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd (PRESPL) to use agricultural waste as biomass energy in its cement-manufacturing operations. Parth Jindal, Managing Director of JSW Cement said, “the circular economy principle is an integral part of our business model. Last year, we made a small beginning wherein nearly 5% of our fuel requirement was met through alternate fuels. Read more here.

2. Mustard Seeds Output To Rise 29% In 2021-22

Central Organisation for Oil Industry & Trade (COOIT) has estimated the country’s mustard seeds production to rise 29% to 109.50 lakh tonnes in the rabi season of 2021-22 crop year. The output of mustard seeds, which is grown in rabi season, stood at 85 lakh tonnes in the previous year. Edible oil industry body COOIT finalized the estimates of mustard seeds production during its 42nd annual conference, which was held at Bharatpur in Rajasthan on March 12-13. Read more here.

3. Single Click Agri Insta-Loan For The Farming Community

Integrated grain commerce platform announced single click agri Insta-Loan for the farming community across India. A farmer can avail a loan instantly against his or her stored commodity at his or her discretion from the comfort and convenience of the home. With immediate access to finance, smallholder farmers and other stakeholders in the value chain can tide over any liquidity requirements. This will empower farmers to optimize the value of their farm produce. Read more here.

4. Paddy Coverage Touches A 15-Year High In Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has achieved a record coverage of paddy this financial year (2021-22) as the total area stands at 21.65 lakh hectares. This marks the highest coverage of paddy in the last 15 years. The previous high was 20 lakh hectares in 2015-16. Then, the rice production was about 74 lakh tonnes. The targeted rice production for the year is 75.5 lakh tonnes. One of the main reasons for improved performance was that both southwest (June-September) and northeast monsoons were favourable to the State. Read more here.

5. India Boosts Fertiliser Imports From Canada, Israel

India is boosting fertiliser imports from nations including Canada and Israel to ensure sufficient supplies for the coming summer sowing season. According to the Fertiliser Minister, Mansukh Mandaviya, “This time we have made advance preparations for kharif season. We need about 30 million tonnes of fertilisers and arrangements in place,” Indian farmers usually start planting crops including rice, cotton, and soybean with the arrival of monsoon rains in June. Read more here.

6. APEDA Organised Virtual Buyer Seller Meet with UAE

Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) organized a Virtual buyer-seller meet with UAE on 16th March 2022 to boost the trade between the countries. The promotion of innovative & indigenous agricultural products of Kerala was the prime aim of the virtual meet. This interactive meeting between exporters & importers is a unique opportunity to capture the emerging trends in the UAE market realizing the export potential of Kerala. Read more here.

7. PepsiCo And N-Drip To Help Farmers To Enhance Water Efficiency

PepsiCo and N-Drip will work together to enable farmers all around the world to embrace game-changing water efficiency technologies over 10,000 hectares. Through a unique drip irrigation system, the two organizations are going to work together to produce a long-term impact. Many farmers use flood, or trench irrigation to transport water to their crops all over the world. Flood irrigation floods the field at regular intervals, wasting up to 70% of the water utilized. Read more here.

8. New Herbicide for Sugarcane & Corn Farmers

Sugarcane farmers in India now have a new option for grasses & broadleaf weed control with an innovative herbicide, ‘Vesnit Complete’ launched by BASF. The new solution empowers farmers with a whole new level of post-emergent weed control ensuring better yield for their crop. India is the second-largest producer of Sugarcane in the world. However, the occurrence of various grasses & broadleaf weeds is one of the key challenges faced by sugarcane farmers in India. Read more here.

9. ‘Bayer’s Digital Solutions Will Boost Farmers Of India

Werner Baumann, chairman of Germany’s $50-billion agrochemicals-to-pharmaceuticals giant Bayer AG, said the company will invest heavily in India in the next few years. Also the company’s chief sustainability officer, Baumann said Bayer will help the Indian government double farmers’ incomes over the next few years. He also added, ‘We can play a crucial role with digital solutions that will enable smallholders to significantly improve their livelihood and their family’s livelihood’. Read more here.

10. ChargeERP Launched An Independent Seller Bill Feature

ChargeERP, the easiest, fastest, and most secure mandi accounting software from Bijak has introduced an independent ‘Seller Bill’ tab to address the on-ground needs of commission agents. Along with this, they are offering ‘Bill Sundry’ and ‘Sales Expenses’ customization features which will be available in the ‘Settings’ section of this mandi accounting software. Commission agents will now be able to customize expenses and other charges, charged to Suppliers and Customers.

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