Natural Farming: Need Of The Hour In India

Understanding Natural Farming Understanding Natural Farming

With the increasing population in India, there is a shortage of resources. The cities of our country are continuously reporting about water scarcity. At the same time, floods and droughts are making life difficult for the population living in villages. In such a situation, natural farming is the future and need for today’s India.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently addressed the farmers of Gujarat and talked about the benefits and the need for natural farming. The Home Minister said that excessive use of chemical fertilizers adversely affect the land and water quality and even impact human health. He called upon the farmers to start a ‘New Green Revolution’ in India by adopting natural farming. Amit Shah also said that PM Narendra Modi has described chemical fertilizers as a big problem for the country’s agriculture and fertile land. With the aim of increasing agricultural production, reducing water consumption and increasing the prosperity of farmers, the government is promoting natural farming.

Now that the government is also talking about natural farming so seriously, let us give you some information on natural farming? What are its benefits? What is its future in India?

Natural farming is an ancient method of agriculture and its main base is the indigenous cow. The advantage of natural farming is that it maintains the natural nutrient content of the soil. Chemical pesticides are not used in natural farming. Therefore, in this type of farming, only the elements found in nature are used as pesticides.

Dung manure, compost, bacterial manure and crop residue are used as pesticides in natural farming. Along with this, minerals available in nature like rock phosphate, gypsum, etc. are used to give nutrients to the plants. In natural farming, bacteria available in the environment, friendly insects and organic pesticides are used to protect the crops from harmful bacteria.

Why natural farming?

For the past few years, farmers have suffered a lot in agriculture because of the overuse of harmful pesticides. As a result, the cost of cultivation has also increased. Hence it becomes important for the farmers to switch to natural farming.

Chemical farming has not only caused a negative impact on nature but also on human health. The natural nutrient content of the land is also changing and this is harmful. Due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the land loses its fertility. Food grown in such fields loses its nutrients due to the overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

With the low fertility of the soil, the balance of its nutrients also deteriorates. Almost half of the profits from the sale of the farmers’ produce goes into the purchase of fertilizers and pesticides. For this reason, the use of organic manure has become necessary.

Many minerals like zinc and iron are present in the crops grown by natural farming, which are very beneficial for our health. The cost of natural farming is negligible. The entire income earned from the produce goes to the farmer. The things grown by natural farming are free from harmful elements, so they are also beneficial for health.

Obviously, the government is now becoming aware of natural farming. With this, the fields will flourish, the yields will increase and more commodities will be sold in mandis. This will increase the work of the commission agents sitting in the mandis. The responsibility and time taken for mandi accounting will increase. In such a situation, to help the commission agenta, Bijak, India’s No. 1 Agri Trading App has come up with ChargeERP.

Natural farming and its importance

  • In the year 2017, the United Nations released a report on food. The report stated that agroecology is capable of providing food and ensuring proper nutrition to the entire population of the world. There are many such villages in the world where villagers are changing their lives by doing natural farming. Even in cities, successful implementation of natural farming can be seen.
  • The Government of India is promoting natural farming and is also encouraging people with various schemes. However, along with publicity and awareness for such farming, subsidy and financial assistance should also be given to the farmers.
  • Fertilizers are a burden on India’s economy Central subsidy given for synthetic fertilizers has been one of them. In comparison, the organic sector gets a subsidy of 500 crores.

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