How To Generate ‘Seller Bill’ On ChargeERP

Generate Seller Bill on ChargeERP Generate Seller Bill on ChargeERP

This is the next article from our ‘How-To’ series. The previous article was ‘How To View Cash/Bank Book Entries On ChargeERP’.

When a Party Stock is received by the commission agent in mandis from a supplier, it is first recorded in the ‘Arrivals’ section of ChargeERP mandi accounting software. The commission agent keeps the stock in his store and records details such as ‘Lot no.’, ‘Nug’, ‘Weight’, etc. in the software. Aadathiyas then sell these items to multiple customers and create entries in the ‘Quick Sale’ page of ChargeERP. Once all the items of that specific lot are sold, the commission agent pays the amount to the supplier after deducting or adding the charges incurred by him. At this point, he also needs to present a ‘Seller Bill’ to the supplier.

Let’s find out how commission agents can generate ‘Seller Bill’ on ChargeERP.

  • First, log into your ChargeERP account. Once you log in, you will directly land upon the ‘Dashboard’ page. From the top left corner, click on the company name dropdown (A) and choose the company for which you want to generate ‘Seller Bill’.
  • Now, using the sidebar option on the left side, click on the ‘Seller Bills’ tab (B).
'Company Name' dropdown and 'Seller Bill' tab
‘Company Name’ dropdown and ‘Seller Bill’ tab
  • On the ‘Seller Bill’ page, you will see two tabs, ‘Pending Bills’(C) and ‘Bill Book’ (D).
  • ‘Pending Bills’ tab will display a table with all the arrival entries for which all the nugs are sold out. Hence, for each of these entries, ‘Nug Received’ will be equal to ‘Nug Sold’. You can ‘Filter’(E) these entries with ‘Account Name‘, ‘Arrival Id’ and ‘Vehicle No.’.
'Pending Bill', 'Bill Book' and 'Filter'
‘Pending Bill’, ‘Bill Book’ and ‘Filter’
  • Now, click on the ‘three-dot menu’ (F) corresponding to the entry for which you want to create a seller bill. You will get three options – ‘Club’, ‘Average’ and ‘As it is’.
  • ‘Club’ (G) option will let you create a bill in which entries can be clubbed based on the same ‘Item’ name, ‘Lot No.’, ‘Rate’ and ‘Per’.
  • ‘Average’ (H) option generates an average bill with the same ‘Item’ name, ‘Lot No.’ and ‘Per’ but different ‘Rate’.
  • ‘As it is’ (I) option will show the entries as recorded in the ‘Quick Sales’ section.
Click on '3-dot menu' and choose from 'Club', 'Average' and 'As it is'
Click on ‘3-dot menu’ and choose from ‘Club’, ‘Average’ and ‘As it is’
  • Click on the desired option. An editable seller bill will open to let you edit a few fields such as ‘Date’ (J), ‘Nug’ (K), ‘wt(kg)’ (K), ‘Rate’ (K), and ‘Per’ (K). These changes will be reflected in the final seller bill but not in the ‘Arrivals’ and ‘Quick Sale’ sections of the software.
  • You can also fill out the ‘Other Charges’ section (L) for the final seller bill.
  • After making the desired changes, click on the ‘SAVE’ button (M).
Enter 'Basic Details', 'Other Charges' and 'Save'
Enter ‘Basic Details’, ‘Other Charges’ and ‘Save’
  • Your final seller bill will move under the ‘Bill Book’ tab.
  • Now, click on the ‘three-dot menu’ (N) corresponding to the entry for which you want to generate the seller bill and click on the ‘Print’ option (O).
Choose from 'Download' or 'Print'
Choose from ‘Download’ or ‘Print’
  • You will see a ‘Confirmation Box’ (P) to receive this report over WhatsApp.
Click 'Yes' on the confirmation box
Click ‘Yes’ on the confirmation box
  • As soon as you make your choice between ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, you will be redirected to the ‘Seller Bill’(Q) where you can choose to ‘Print’ (R) and ‘Download’ (S).
Final 'Seller Bill', 'Print' or 'Download'
Final ‘Seller Bill’, ‘Print’ or ‘Download’
  • Please note that you can also create a manual seller bill by clicking on the ‘CREATE MANUAL BILL’ button (T).
Create Manual Bill
Create Manual Bill

How to edit and delete a Seller Bill?

Every row on the ‘Bill Book’ table has a ‘three-dot menu’ on the right side. As you click on it, ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’ and ‘Print’ options will be shown. Select ‘Edit’ (U) or ‘Delete’ (V) options to edit or delete entries in your seller bill.

'Edit' and 'Delete' Seller Bill
‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ Seller Bill

How to generate a ‘Seller Bill Register’?

Click on the ‘Download’ icon on the right side of the page. You will see a ‘Confirmation Box’ to receive this report over WhatsApp. As soon as you make your choice between ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, you will be redirected to the ‘SELLER BILL REGISTER’ (W) where you can choose to ‘Print’ and ‘Download’.

Generate 'Seller Bill Register’
Generate ‘Seller Bill Register’


On the footer (X), you will see ‘Nug Received’, ‘Nug Sold’, ‘Wattak Amount’, and ‘Total Amount’.


So you see, how easy it is for the Super Admin to generate a Seller Bill on ChargeERP. ChargeERP is the first ever accounting software that also provides on-premise data entry support to its subscribers. ChargeERP is the easiest, fastest, and most secure mandi accounting software designed with the core aim of reducing the commission agent’s workload. It promises security with end-to-end encryption and saves time and energy by 90%.

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