Solar Energy In Agriculture

Solar Energy In Agriculture Solar Energy In Agriculture

Solar energy is radiant light and heat that comes from the sun. It is the cleanest renewable energy source which is converted into thermal or electrical energy. This energy is further used to generate electricity, solar thermal energy including solar water heating, and to build solar architecture.

In our previous article, we mentioned that the agricultural sector is a significant polluter. The sector needs technological advancement to enhance sustainability hence it is important to explore the benefits of using solar power to support farming. This would help in providing clean electricity to farmers, increase food production, save water resources, meet carbon-neutrality levels and power the emission-free electric grid.

Let’s get to know about solar technologies in agriculture.

Farming affects the earth’s ecology by exploiting land and resources. The overproduction of crops means excessive consumption of water, soil erosion and depletion of the soil’s nutrient levels. We can increase clean energy production and support land conservation for agricultural development with the help of solar technologies in agriculture.

Solar technologies include devices such as solar spraying machines, solar greenhouse heating, solar crop dryers, etc. Let’s look at them in detail below:

1. Solar PV operated water lifting/pumping system

Solar pumps are used to operate pressurized irrigation systems. These are water-lifting devices in irrigation canals that help in evenly distributing water in areas where traditional water systems can’t be accessed, such as elevated hilly areas.

2. Solar spraying

Solar pesticides sprayer machines are designed for small farmers to improve their productivity. They can easily carry and handle such machines. These have rechargeable batteries along with a direct solar illumination option. Generally, pesticide spraying is done during the day hence these machines can be used directly while simultaneously capturing solar energy. This removes the need for installing batteries in these machines.

3. Solar seed sowing machines

Solar-powered seed spreading and sowing machines are very simple to use. These are very convenient for spreading and sowing seeds in a small field. It also helps in areas where traditional machinery is not easily accessible. It benefits the farmers as they can skip heavy-duty machines while working in remote areas where such machines are not readily available.

4. Solar crop drying

Solar crop dryers are used for drying agricultural products like potatoes, grains, carrots and mushrooms. These are available in different shapes and structures. Depending upon the heating arrangement, active dryers and passive dryers are used. Active solar dryers are pumps and fans which are used to dry soil beds. Passive dryers on the other hand use buoyancy or apply pressure force to take out water.

5. Solar-powered tractors

Solar tractors can replace traditional tractors in agriculture. These help in making a farmer’s work easier and help in increasing the crop yield and production. Tractors consume oil to run. This increases the budget for farming. Tractors also produce carbon dioxide during combustion which causes pollution. Solar-powered tractors are a good substitute that runs by consuming solar energy through PV systems in the daytime. These can also work at night using the energy stored in batteries.

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