Be Smart With Data Privacy Day

28th January is observed as Data Privacy Day 28th January is observed as Data Privacy Day

Every year, 28th January is observed as Data Privacy Day. The idea behind this day is to promote awareness of privacy and data protection. Almost every organization tries to raise awareness about the user’s privacy and its importance yet a periodic reminder is a must. This reminder is to ensure that people are updated on the ways in which they could fall prey to a security breach if they aren’t vigilant with their information.

There’s no doubt that a user’s privacy and their data is super important to them. But given our daily rituals and our involvement in them, we somehow become unconcerned about the loss of privacy. In some cases, we trust the third-party apps to such an extent that we let down our guards. With companies recording your data every minute, the user needs to take back at least some of the control for their own benefit.

Important things to know about Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is an international educational event created to raise awareness about data safety, users’ privacy and methods to protect their stored data. In the last five years, it has become important not just for businesses, but even end-users to stay updated on ways to protect their data. This day is observed with various events and campaigns that aim to spread information about user privacy and data protection across all verticals. Data Privacy Day is not just a one-day event but it is a constant reminder about how important your data and its privacy is.

Need for data protection

Irrespective of who you are or what you do, your information is important. It may also come in handy to online criminals who might fool others by pretending to be you.

Your privacy is not just limited to technology companies that capture your data. The bigger concern is data thefts and cybercrime like online phishing or creating fake profiles on social media. There has been a consistent increase in such cases. As per reports by Netherlands-based Virtual Private Network provider Surfshark, the personal data of 86.6 million Indian users was stolen in 2021 alone. This has increased by 4 times as compared to 2020. Therefore there’s a growing need for strong privacy policies that everyone should follow. If you fail to protect your data, you’re at risk of identity thefts, phishing scams, and other cybercrimes.

Every click or purchase you do online, every item and keyword search is being tracked. It is then retargeted to you on all digital platforms. But now governments, private organisations as well as end-users are also understanding the importance of data safety. They are taking control of privacy settings. Now, technology companies offer user-friendly privacy controls to strengthen the safeguards. Some of the measures include introducing end-to-end encryption which safeguards a user’s data and abiding with the Data Protection Rules notified under the Information Technology Act, 2000. The users are also actively helping governments to set up privacy laws by raising concerns or by highlighting flaws.

Data security in mandi accounting

Just like any other business, mandi accounting also needs to add data security and privacy. It will help commission agents safeguard their information and also access to view it from anywhere. Understanding the concerns of commission agents and turning them into an opportunity, Bijak which is India’s Number 1 Agritrading App, came up with a solution called ChargeERP.

Security measures used by ChargeERP

This mandi accounting software is a well-researched accounting software hence it meets all the requirements of commission agents. Let’s understand the benefits of ChargerERP:

  1. User’s data is completely secured with end-to-end encryption and is stored overcloud. Only authorised people can check the data. You can read more about end-to-end encryption here.
  2. The commission agent can safely access the accounting platform anytime and from any system.
  3. It is very easy to use and no technical expertise is required to use the software

Other than end-to-end encryption, which gives a complete sense of safety to commission agents, Bijak and ChargeERP also follow other security measures. These are as follows:

  1. Maintaining a privacy policy: Under this, a user gives complete authority to ChargeERP to access their data but keeps it secure from unauthorised access, such as hackers, third-party tools, etc.
  2. Cookies: At ChargeERP, we employ cookies which are small files that track and identify platforms through which you login to provide seamless access. Also, it helps us understand how you use our platform and features.
  3. Use of information: When you join our platform, you agree to allow us to collect information including your personal information like your name, phone number, email and location. This helps in managing your account and improving the user experience.
  4. Security of your data: We take all reasonable and sound steps to ensure that your information is protected against misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification, and/or disclosure.
  5. Periodic updates in the privacy policy: To enhance data safety, we periodically revise or amend our privacy policies. We make sure to inform our users about the revised policies.
  6. Grievance mechanism: To address any query or concern of the users, we have defined a complaint and grievance mechanism.

So don’t wait and switch to ChargeERP today!

ChargeERP is the solution

ChargeERP accounting software has been designed keeping in mind the daily interactions of commission agents in agricultural mandis. It is a cloud-based accounting software introduced with the core aim of reducing the agent’s workload. ChargeERP is the easiest, fastest and most secure mandi accounting software available in India. One of the many benefits of this platform is that it can be accessed from anywhere and from multiple devices. It provides data security with end-to-end encryption. Plus, it doesn’t require any kind of technical or accounting expertise.

If you are looking to explore more about this next-level accounting software, feel free to dial +91 9311341199 or visit, and request your free demo today. We also suggest that you follow us on Facebook for regular updates. You can also view the latest instructional videos on the ChargeERP YouTube channel.