Abundant Harvest With Drone Technology

Drones have great potential to revolutionize Indian agriculture Drones have great potential to revolutionize Indian agriculture

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used to carry out tasks ranging from military operations to package delivery or just for personal amusement. Drones have been in use for some time now in the fields of military, delivery, emergency rescue, outer space exploration and agriculture. Based on the purpose, you can buy a drone as they come in different sizes. You can find military-grade drones to average remote-controlled drones that a kid might fly in the park.

Drones have great potential to revolutionize Indian agriculture and ensure the country’s food security. The adoption of drone technology is the need of the times and will surely help farmers. In 2020, locusts had attacked various states and to ward off the locust attack, drones were used.

Benefits of using drones in agriculture

Drones can be used to spray pesticides across the fields while simultaneously noting down the nutrient value of the crops. As drones are well-equipped with multi-spectral and photo cameras, they help in monitoring crop quality, checking the growth in height, evaluating crop stress, and predicting yields. They can also be used to deliver herbicides, fertilizers and water.

Drones also assess the health of the crops by checking for weeds, infections, pests, fungi and rot. Based on this assessment, the exact amounts of chemicals that are needed to fight these infestations can be applied. Drones can also be used to distribute seeds or spray vital nutrients on the soil. Thus, this technology increases the consistency and efficiency of crop management.

With the use of drones, farmers overcome problems such as unavailability or high cost of labour, health problems caused due to prolonged exposure to chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc. They are also saved from insect bites or animal attacks.

Drone technology SOPs

After seeing the wide-ranging benefits of using drones in agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, (Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare) rolled out the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for use of drones. These provide instructions for the safe and efficient usage of drones and cover the following areas:

1. Pesticide Application 2. Weight Classification 3. Piloting Certification 4. Emergency Handling Plan
5. Statutory Provisions 6. Overcrowded Areas Restriction 7. Operation Plan 8. Air Flight Zones
9. Flying Permissions 10. Drone Registration 11. Weather Conditions 12. Safety Insurance
13. Area Distance Restrictions

You can view the detailed SOP for Drones here.

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