When Bijak Met Kiwi

Bijak imported it first kiwi consignment from Iran Bijak imported it first kiwi consignment from Iran

Kiwi is not just a fruit but a ‘superfood’. The kiwi is a fruit with brown fuzzy skin and green flesh dotted with tiny seeds on the inside. It has a sweet taste with a slight tanginess. This gives it a unique flavour with a tropical zing. It is full of vitamins and minerals and has a positive effect on our health. Kiwis are rich in nutrients and are low in calories. They are a tough-growing fruit and are available throughout the year.

But do you know where kiwi originate from? Though the popular misconception is that they come from New Zealand, the truth is that they originated in China before wandering to other countries including India. The other name of kiwi is ‘Chinese Gooseberry‘ and it originally grew wild in China.

Health benefits of kiwi

Kiwi boasts a whole range of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They are rich in fibre, vitamin C, folate, copper, potassium, antioxidants, vitamin E, and vitamin K. The skin and seeds of the fruit are also edible, though a lot of people peel the skin off before eating, because of its fuzzy texture.

A few of the proven health benefits of the kiwi fruit are:

Benefits of Kiwi
Benefits of Kiwi

Eating one or two kiwis in a day is the right thing to do if you want to improve your cardiovascular and digestive health. You can incorporate kiwis into your diet as a smoothie or a snack.

Benefits of kiwi business

Apart from nutritional value, kiwis also have commercial farming advantages. Some of the top advantages of growing kiwis are:

  • Commercial kiwi farming is still a new business idea in some countries. Hence, it is advisable to take up this opportunity for making profits.
  • Kiwi is generally priced high in the common fruits bucket.
  • Kiwis can be grown in most climates ranging from hot summer to winters.
  • Production cost is relatively less.
  • Marketing of kiwi is relatively easy as it has a good market demand and value.

Kiwi was introduced in the Indian market during the start of the 21st century and it has come a long way. The global kiwi market is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) of 5.84% between 2020 and 2025. Overall, market performance is forecast to pursue a slightly upward trend over the next decade. It is anticipated that the CAGR for 2019 to 2030 will expand by +1.3%. This would bring the market volume to 4.9M tonnes by the end of 2030.

Bijak-Kiwi Import Story

Understanding the benefits, business and market value of the kiwi, Bijak, India’s No.1 Agri Trading platform decided to import it from Iran in October 2021. The process was quite intense.

In September 2021, the Bijak team connected with suppliers to import kiwis from Iran to India. Kiwi is a highly perishable item and it is a very skilled job to import it to India. The team was aware of the challenges that might come up during the process but were ready for it.

There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done and shipping is not easy. Of the total production, only 30% to 40% is of import-quality. So it takes a lot of skills, knowledge and understanding to identify the right quality. Also, a person needs to take care of odd incidents that might happen during transportation such as crushing of kiwis, pilferage or spilling. An ideal temperature also needs to be maintained during transportation as kiwis might get rotten in absence of an ideal storage temperature.

Other than this, team Bijak also got customized crates made to store and transport the kiwis. While a regular crate costs 1100 Iranian Rial, the Bijak’s crates were of better quality and cost 1800 Iranian Rial per crate.

Customised crates for transportation
Customised crates for transportation
Crates with Bijak marking
Crates with Bijak marking

After the procurement of kiwis, the team did grading on sizes such as 27, 30, 35, 36, 39 and 42. They maintained an excellent balance of 10kg per crate so that the kiwis don’t get damaged. All the logistics and paperwork were done well in advance for easy shipment.

Crates segregated as per grading
Crates segregated as per grading

The shipment was supposed to leave for India from Bushehr Port, Iran on 7th October but unfortunately, it couldn’t leave on the estimated date due to some unexpected challenges. The team did not get demotivated. Instead, they quickly relooked at the paperwork and made sure that the shipment left by 15th October from Iran. There were just 14 Indian containers leaving for India in that period, and out of these, 3 belonged to Bijak. It was a great feat to get a place in such a tight schedule with limited slots.

At the arrival of the container at the Indian port, the duties were promptly paid and paperwork was completed quickly. Later the shipment was taken to the storage facility where they were segregated and sent to buyers across India.

To make all this happen, team Bijak did everything in its power to bring the consignment to India in record time. From getting in touch with the supplier to receiving the containers in India, everything happened in a span of 35 days. Bringing kiwis from Iran was not easy, but proper research along with coordination made it happen smoothly.

Just to mention here, before importing kiwis from Iran, team Bijak had imported containers of oranges from South Africa. The experts at Bijak understand the importance of importing stuff on deadlines as these are perishable goods, shipments take time to reach from one destination to another. Hence, they plan accordingly so that the consignment is received in record time. With these shipments, team Bijak has set a sheer example of how to do import fruits and vegetables with their skilful management and end-to-end coordination.

While Bijak took care of the import process of Kiwis. The next big step was to do the sorting and accounting of these kiwis. To facilitate this, the team used another offering of Bijak which is an accounting software solution called ChargeERP.

Team Bijak received the consignment
Team Bijak received the consignment

Next, we are thriving to become the Best Onion Trading Platform.

Bijak is the Solution

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Bijak recognises various stakeholders in agribusiness and understands their role. To address the concerns of the same, Bijak has launched two solutions: ChargeERP and Just Fresh.

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