How to generate Account Crate Summary of Supplier on Crate Analysis Page of ChargeERP

Features of ChargeERP How to generate Account Crate Summary of Supplier on Crate Analysis Page of ChargeERP

The ‘Crate Analysis’ page help commission agents in analyzing how many crates are issued to and received from their customers and suppliers. Let’s learn how to generate Account Crate Summary of Supplier on Crate Analysis Page of ChargeERP.

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Crates play an important part in mandi businesses. They are used for packaging, storing, and transporting agricultural goods from one place to another. Commission agents (aadathiyas) often use crates in mandis while dealing with their customers and suppliers. However, when it comes to managing crates, they prefer to rely on ChargeERP mandi accounting software.

Let’s find out how commission agents can generate ‘Account Crate Summary’ of Supplier on Crate Analysis Page of ChargeERP.

  • First, log into your ChargeERP account. Once you log in, you will directly land up to the ‘Dashboard’ page. From the top left corner, click on the ‘Company Name’ dropdown (A) and choose the company for which you want to generate crate account summary.
  • Now, using the sidebar option on the left side, just click on the ‘Crate Analysis’ tab (B).
'Company Name' and ‘Crate Analysis’
‘Company Name’ and ‘Crate Analysis’
  • The ‘Crate Analysis’ page has three tabs: ‘Manage’, ‘Crate Balance’ and ‘Crate Ledger’.
  • To generate Crate Account Summary, click on the ‘Crate Ledger’ tab (C).
  • ‘Account Crate Summary’ displays the gist of transactions done with the respective supplier regarding a crate marka.
  • Choose ‘Supplier’ from ‘Account Type’ dropdown (D). Then select the supplier from the ‘Supplier Name’ from the dropdown (E), choose the crate marka from ‘Select Crate Marka’ dropdown (F). Lastly select the date range from ‘Select Date’ dropdown (G).
‘Crate Ledger’, 'Account Type', 'Supplier Name', 'Select Crate Marka' and 'Select Date'
‘Crate Ledger’, ‘Account Type’, ‘Supplier Name’, ‘Select Crate Marka’ and ‘Select Date’
  • Now you will see a table with all the entries as per your selection. Click on the ‘Download’ icon (H) and choose ‘Account Crate Summary ‘(I)‘.
'Download' and 'Account Crate Summary'
‘Download’ and ‘Account Crate Summary’
  • To get the ‘Account Crate Summary’ over WhatsApp, click on ‘Yes’ button on the ‘Confirmation Box’ (J).
'Yes' on the 'Confirmation Box'
‘Yes’ on the ‘Confirmation Box’
  • Choose ‘Print’ (K) or ‘Download’ (L) option for the ‘Account Crate Summary’.
'Print' or 'Download'
‘Print’ or ‘Download’
  • On the ‘Footer’ (M), you will see details for ‘Issued’, ‘Received’ and ‘Balance’.
'Issued', 'Received' and 'Balance'.
‘Issued’, ‘Received’ and ‘Balance’.

So you see how easy it is for the commission agent to generate ‘Account Crate Summary’ of Supplier on ‘Crate Analysis’ Page of ChargeERP. ChargeERP accounting software is favorite amongst mandi commission agents as it helps them in storing their financial information in a secure manner. Also, the software is easy to learn and does not require any technical or accounting expertise. Powered by Bijak, India’s most trusted agri-trading app, ChargeERP can be accessed from multiple devices and promises to save 90% of your time and energy.

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