Smart Farming – How Is It Transforming Farming Industry?

Smart farming encourages using a variety of technological innovations in traditional farming Smart farming encourages using a variety of technological innovations in traditional farming

Farming is being practiced since ancient times. Earlier, it used to be a labor-intensive job that involved a lot of time and effort. But now, it is becoming smart. With so many farmers showing interest in new technologies, we can say that smart farming is going to be the future of agriculture. Let’s find out more about it.

What is smart farming?

Smart farming encourages using a variety of technological innovations in traditional farming to optimize food production processes. With the help of techniques like remote sensing, robotics, and artificial intelligence, smart farming can lead to increased productivity, reduced wastage, and improved quality of produce. In fact, the solution to all the global problems related to agriculture lies in smart farming.

Benefits of Smart Farming

Meet consumer demands-

Consumers’ demands and preferences keep on changing. Nowadays, consumers are more aware of the health benefits, fresh food can offer. They want such food to be quickly accessible or delivered from their nearby shops and markets. Smart farming can contribute to this category by saving a lot of time and money.

Requires less labor- 

The shortage of labor or labor taking up 50% of the overall costing can be addressed with smart farming. Using technology for seeding, harvesting, and monitoring can decrease the need for hiring labor for numerous monotonous tasks.

Encourages eco-friendly agriculture-

Traditionally, farmers are using fertilizers, pesticides, and water for their crops without knowing how much exact quantity of each is required on the farm. The truth is, the task is almost impossible when done by an actual human. On the other hand, smart farming can help in adding these inputs with great precision.

Smart Farming Technologies-

  • Sensors for scanning soil’s quality and determining the exact quantity of light, water, humidity, and temperature required.
  • Telecommunication technologies such as advanced networking and GPS
  • Data is an important element of smart farming. As the data related to soil mapping, weather, climate change, crop yields, and machinery keeps on changing, data analytics tools are required for decision making and precision processes.
  • Satellites and drones for gathering data from the fields all day long. The information collected is then forwarded to the IT systems for tracking, analyzing, and remote monitoring.

Future of smart farming in Indian agriculture

Smart farming is the key when it comes to increasing the quality and quantity of agricultural produce. Present-day farmers are working hard towards educating themselves and learning new technologies. Some of them already have access to smart technologies such as GPS, sensors, data analytics tools, and many modern technologies. With more inclination towards smart farming, they can greatly increase the effectiveness of farming and minimize the usage of pesticides and fertilizers.

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