What Are The Top 10 Export Destinations of Indian Spices

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India is known for its quality spices all across the world. Indian spices are popular for their aroma, taste, texture, and medicinal values. Currently, India is the largest producer and exporter of spices in the world. We produce about 75 out of 109 varieties of spices listed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Indian spices are an important ingredient in Indian dishes which is why India is also the largest consumer of spices in the world.

Indian spices are in great demand globally and countries like China and USA import them extensively. Major spices exported from India are turmeric, chili, cardamom, pepper, coriander, cumin, ginger, celery, fenugreek, ajwain, fennel, dill seed, nutmeg, clove, tamarind, and garlic. Through this article, we will get to know the top 10 export destinations of Indian spices and how the Indian spice market is growing every year.

Export destinations of Indian spices

Over the past two years, China has emerged as the No.1 export destination for Indian spices, surpassing the United States. According to a source, the country has imported around 1.4 lakh tonnes of Indian chilies in FY 2020 as compared to 10,000 tonnes in FY 18. The demand for Indian spices is also increasing in the countries of Africa, South Asia, and West Asia.

List of top 10 export destinations

  • China
  • Thailand
  • United States
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • Vietnam

The increasing demand of export of Indian Spices

As per The New Indian Express, in the year 2019-20, the export of Indian spices and spice products has been increased to 21,515.4 crores in terms of value. Also, the export volume surges to 11,83,000 tons while sustaining the robust demand for Indian spices in the international markets. During the year 2018-19, India has exported a total of 11,00,250 tons of spices and spice products. This means that 2019-20 has witnessed a growth of 7.52 percent from the year 2018-19.

The export of spices continued to witness an upward trend in the financial year 2021 as well, despite Covid 19 pandemic.  According to PIB, the export of turmeric alone has recorded an impressive growth of 42 percent in volume in the first half of 2020-21, due to its immunity-boosting properties. The total chili exports in 2020-21 are up by 21% in quantity. Besides chili and turmeric, other spices that witnessed a major surge in exports are cardamom, ginger, cumin, and fenugreek.

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