Importance of Smart Education and Agritech in Agriculture Sector

Technology and digital abilities are showing a fruitful result in the education sector. Technology and digital abilities are showing a fruitful result in the education sector.

The world is seeing reforms at the drop of a hat in this digital age. From technology to healthcare to communication and even in education, every sector is upgrading to digital era. The pandemic has accelerated the digitisation of India’s farm sector.

Technology and digital abilities are showing a fruitful result in the education sector. Similarly, the introduction of technology in Agriculture education is paving way for Agritech Sector. As per estimates, today there are about 1.25 lakh panchayats with broadband internet access.

While the agri sector is adapting the digital technologies for the benefit, agriculture courses should also include technology in the curriculum. A student with an understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Block chain supply will go ahead to overcome the challenges in the sector. Today the students should be taught about ‘Smart Education’ or ‘Smart Farming’.

They might look different but actually they are same. The core objective is to make the new age farmer ready for new age technologies. To understand the system and outshine. Digital agricultural applications helps in increasing the productivity and yield quality. At the same time, they have reduced the expense and crop wastage.

The question arises is why to learn with ‘Smart Education’ or ‘Smart Farming’

AI based learning programs, knowledge about data analysis and block chain is making today’s farmer ready for ‘Agritech Sector’. Every agritech company is providing farmers a detailed information about weather forecast, market price in nearby mandis, commission agent or dealer information as well as how to protect their crops and much more.

There are government aided platforms too, which help in providing data on the plantation, pest surveillance and stock prices. With e-Nam portals and e-mandis, governments are also in for direct purchase from farmers and producer organisation.

To reap the benefits of information or data coming from digital technologies, the new age farmer has to first accept these technologies. Then need to study about these at college level or take introduction classes to understand the technology organised by governments and many agritech. This would not just help them improve their farming or improve the quality of soil but also be a big contributor in country’s GDP. The new age farmer can also dive into the sector to improve the situation of agriculture sector as well as bring out more solutions to help small scale farmers.

Apart from educational support, agritech are also helping farmers to analyse the available data about their crops, get crop insurance as well as institutional credit. Not just this but there are startups who understand the problems faced by farmers or commission agents in mandi accounting or inventory management or facing problem in keeping a track of payments. Understanding these concerns and turning this into an opportunity to be a helpful hand in the ‘smart farming’ methods, Bijak which is India’s Number 1 Agritrading Startup came up with a solution called ChargeERP.

ChargeERP accounting software has been designed keeping in mind the daily interactions of commission agents in agricultural mandis. It is a cloud-based accounting software introduced with the core aim of reducing the agent’s workload. ChargeERP is the easiest online accounting software available in India. One of the many benefits of this platform is that it can be accessed from anywhere and from multiple devices. It provides data security with end-to-end encryption. Plus, it doesn’t require any kind of technical or accounting expertise.

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