How To Generate Inventory Report on ChargeERP

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Inventory management is essential to any business because it helps in keeping a track of the stock and sales of items. Let’s find out how commission agent can generate an inventory report on ChargeERP.

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The ‘Inventory’ page of ChargeERP mandi accounting software helps commission agents in determining the current status of their commodities in the stores. With the knowledge of inventory, they can plan their business and finances efficiently.

Check out how commission agents can generate inventory reports on ChargeERP.

  • First, log into your ChargeERP account. Once you log in, you will directly land up to the ‘Dashboard’ page. From the top left corner, click on the company name dropdown (A) and choose the company you want to generate an inventory report for.
  • Now, using the sidebar option on the left side, just click on the ‘Inventory’ tab (B).
Company dropdown and 'Inventory' tab
Company dropdown and ‘Inventory’ tab
  • On the ‘inventory’ page, by default you will see a table (C) that shows stock details like ‘Supplier’ name, ‘Lot No.’, ‘Store’ name, ‘Item Name’, ‘Nugs Received’, ‘Nugs Sold’, and ‘Nug Balance’.
  • If you want to see all the ‘Quick Sale’ entries for a specific ‘Lot No’, click on the ‘i’ icon (D). The icon appears just along with the ‘Nug Sold’ quantities in the table.
  • To filter out the entries of inventory, you can search for any supplier’s stock entries by entering the supplier account name in the ‘Search Here’ (E) box.
'Inventory' table, 'i' icon and 'Search Here' box
‘Inventory’ table, ‘i’ icon and ‘Search Here’ box
  • From the ‘Select Date’ range dropdown (F) choose the date range during which you want to see the inventory status in the report. Then, click on the ‘Apply Filter’ button (G).
'Select Date' range and 'Apply filter' button
‘Select Date’ range and ‘Apply filter’ button
  • Click on the ‘Filter’ dropdown (H) to customize your inventory report using ‘Supplier’, ‘Arrival time’, ‘Item’, ‘Store’, ‘Nug Balance’, and ‘Weight Balance’ filters.
'Filter' dropdown
‘Filter’ dropdown
  • When you choose the ‘Supplier’ filter (I), a Supplier dropdown (J) will be shown just above the displayed table. Choose the desired supplier names from the list.
  • Similarly, using the ‘Arrival Type’ filter (K), choose among ‘Party Stock’ or ‘Self Purchase’ to see specific arrival entries.
  • With the ‘Item’ filter (L), you can filter out entries of the selected commodity from the list, and with the ‘Store’ filter (M), you can do it for the selected store.
  • From the ‘Nug Balance’ filter (N) choose among ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ options. If you select ‘No’, entries without or zero (0) nug balance will be shown. If you select ‘Yes’, entries with nug balance will be shown.
  • Using the ‘Weight Balance’ filter (O), you can filter the entries for ‘0(Zero)’ balance, ‘Positive Balance’ or ‘Negative Balance’.
'Supplier', 'Arrival type', 'Item', 'Store', 'Nug Balance' and 'Weight Balance' dropdown
‘Supplier’, ‘Arrival type’, ‘Item’, ‘Store’, ‘Nug Balance’ and ‘Weight Balance’ dropdown

Later on, if you decide to remove any filter, just untick it in the ‘Filter’ dropdown. Click on ‘Clear All Filters’, (P) if you want to remove all the filters at once.

Clear all Dropdown
Clear all Dropdown

How to Print and Download Inventory Reports?

Click on the ‘Download’ icon (Q) on the extreme right of the page.

'Download' icon
‘Download’ icon

You will see a ‘Confirmation Box’ (R) to receive your ‘Inventory Report’ on WhatsApp.

'Confirmation Box' for WhatsApp
‘Confirmation Box’ for WhatsApp

As soon as you make your choice between ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, you will be redirected to a detailed inventory report. You can then choose to ‘Print’ (S) or ‘Download’ (T) it.

Inventory Register, Print and Download 
Inventory Register, Print and Download

The footer shows ’Total Number of Lots Available’, ‘Total Nugs Received’, ‘Total Weight Received in Kilograms’, ‘Nug Balance’ and ‘Weight Balance in Kilograms’.

This is how you can generate a detailed inventory report on ChargeERP. Read our next article in the ‘How-To’ series – ‘How To Change WhatsApp Settings On ChargeERP’. ChargeERP is the first ever accounting software that provides DEO services i.e. on-premise data entry support to their subscribers. Also, it is the easiest, fastest, and most secure mandi accounting software designed with the core aim of reducing the commission agent’s workload. Powered by Bijak, India’s most trusted agri-trading app, it promises security with end-to-end encryption and saves time and energy by 90%.

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