How to ‘Backup And Restore’ From Settings of ChargerERP

Features of ChargeERP Features of ChargeERP

Summary- Settings tabs play an important role in using ChargeERP. Get to know how you can ‘Backup And Restore’ data in the ‘Settings’ of ChargeERP.

This is the next article from our ‘How-To’ series. The previous article was ‘How To Manage ‘Profile’ on ‘ChargeERP’.

Settings provide us with an option to backup our data and restore our data in case of any data loss accidents.

  • First, log into your ChargeERP account. Once you log in, you will directly land up to the ‘Dashboard’ page. From the top left corner, click on the ‘Company Name’ dropdown (A) and choose the company for which you want to ‘Backup & Restore’ data.
  • Now, using the sidebar option on the left side, just click on the ‘Settings’ tab (B).
Company and Settings
Company and Settings
  • Next step is to click on ‘Backup & Restore’ tab (C).
  • Here you will see ‘Common Backup Setting’ section.
  • There are 2 types of backup options: Automatic and Manual Backup.
  • To do ‘Automatic Backup’ (D), tick mark the box and it will be activated.
  • ‘Automatic Backup’ will happen ‘daily’ at ’11:00 PM’ and maximum backups allowed is 30 days.
  • Click on the dropdown icon and see the details of ‘Automatic Backup’ in the table.
  • Every backup entry has a ‘3 dot menu’ with 4 options.
  • Choose ‘Delete’ (E) to delete a backup.
'Backup & Restore' and 'Automatic Backup'
‘Backup & Restore’ and ‘Automatic Backup’
  • In the ‘Warning Box’ (F), click ‘Yes’ to proceed.
'Warning/Confirmation Box'
‘Warning/Confirmation Box’
  • Choose ‘Restore’ (G) to restore a backup data. While restoring, you will be able to access only ‘Help’ tab.
  • Select ‘Do Not Auto Delete’ (H) option to change the default setting of auto delete for the backup.
  • Choose ‘Label Backup’ (I) to rename the backup as per your need.
  • To do a manual backup, click on the ‘Backup Company Now’ (J) button to manually create a backup.
'Restore Here', 'Do Not Auto Delete', 'Label Backup' and 'Backup Company Name'
‘Restore Here’, ‘Do Not Auto Delete’, ‘Label Backup’ and ‘Backup Company Name’
  • In the warning box, click ‘Proceed’ button (K) to start the backup and you will see a message ‘Backup In Progress!’
'Warning/Confirmation Box'
‘Warning/Confirmation Box’
  • Choose ‘Restore’ (L) to restore a backup data. While restoring, you will be able to access only ‘Help’ tab.
  • Select ‘Mark As Delete Allowed’ (M) to permit deletion of a backup.
  • After this again click on ‘3 dot menu’ and select ‘Delete’ option (N).
  • Choose ‘Label Backup’ (O) to rename the manual backup as per your need.
'Delete', 'Restore Here', 'Mark as Delete Restricted' and 'Label Backup'
‘Delete’, ‘Restore Here’, ‘Mark as Delete Restricted’ and ‘Label Backup’
  • Please note in trial period, user can only do ‘Manual’ backups. Premium subscribers get both ‘Automatic’ and ‘Manual’ backup options.

So you see how easy it is for a commission agent to do automatic or manual ‘Backup & Restore’ on the ‘Settings’ page of ChargeERP. Read our next article in the ‘How-To’ series – ‘How To Edit ‘Profile’ section On ChargeERP’. ChargeERP, powered by Bijak, India’s most trusted agri-trading app uses end-to-end encryption to store and secure sensitive data. It also allows multi-device access and promises to save 90% of your time and energy.

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