How To Make Changes In ‘Settings’ Page of ‘ChargeERP’

Features of ChargeERP

Settings tabs play an important role in using ChargeERP. Get to know how you can update your WhatsApp preferences in the ‘Settings’ page on ChargeERP.

This is the next article from our ‘How-To’ series. The previous article was ‘How To Generate ‘Absent Party List’ On the ‘Bills and Reports’ page of ChargeERP’.

Settings provide us with an option to add the preferences so that commission agent can receive bills and report over WhatsApp. It also gives us an option to give an alternative number for WhatsApp.

  • First, log into your ChargeERP account. Once you log in, you will directly land up to the ‘Dashboard’ page. From the top left corner, click on the ‘Company Name’ dropdown (A).
  • Now, using the sidebar option on the left side, just click on the ‘Settings’ tab (B).
Company Dropdown and Settings Tab
Company Dropdown and Settings Tab
  • Here you will see the options ‘Receive on WhatsApp’ and ‘Alternate Number For WhatsApp’.
  • Under ‘Receive on WhatsApp’ (C) , you can select from three options, ‘Yes’ (D),’No’ (E) and ‘Ask Each Time’ (F).
  • If you select the option ‘Yes’, you will automatically receive all the bills & reports on WhatsApp when you generate them.
  • If you select the option ‘No’, you will not receive any bills & reports on WhatsApp.
  • If you select the option ‘Ask Each Time’, you will see a confirmation box asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to receive the report over WhatsApp.
  • You also have an option to give ‘Alternate Number For WhatsApp’ (G) which can be different from your registered mobile number.
  • Mention the alternate number in the ‘Phone Number’ (H) box.
  • Next click on the ‘Send OTP’ (I) button.
Receive on WhatsApp and Alternate Number For WhatsApp
Receive on WhatsApp and Alternate Number For WhatsApp
  • Enter the ‘OTP’ received on the alternate number and click on the ‘Verify’ (J) button.
  • Now click on ‘Save’ (K) button to save the changes.
Verify and Save
Verify and Save

So you see how easy it is to make changes in the ‘Settings’ page of ChargeERP. Read our next article in the ‘How-To’ series – ‘How To Generate ‘Backup & Restore’ On ‘Settings’ Page Of ChargeERP’. ChargeERP software is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of mandi commission agents. It helps them in recording their financial data and reduces their workload to a greater extent. ChargeERP is the first ever accounting software that provides DEO services i.e. on-premise data entry support to their subscribers.

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