How ChargeERP Makes Inventory Management Easy

Features of ChargeERP Features of ChargeERP

A supply chain is essentially a network of suppliers. Here every customer is, in turn, a supplier to the next customer. This sets a downstream organization until the finished product reaches the final buyer. The parties are involved, directly or indirectly in fulfilling the end customer request. Not only manufacturers and suppliers but also transporters, warehouses, retailers, commission agents and customers are part of the agriculture supply chain.

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory refers to all the goods and materials including any kind of physical asset: merchandise, consumables, fixed assets, circulating toolset. Inventory Control is the process to supervise the supply, storage and accessibility of items. This is done to ensure an adequate supply without backlog or excessive oversupply.

Problems Faced in Inventory Management

While there are many problems encountered by commission agents such as coordination, loading or unloading of goods during supply, one of the major problems is accounting. Keeping a record of inventory, bills to be paid, collection of money as well as managing challan book is a tedious task. Not only it consumes a lot of time of the day in doing paperwork and leaving little to no time to increase the business. There is no security of data as due to theft, weather or other external conditions, paper ledger books may get damaged. Also, paper-based ledger books can be tempered.

ChargeERP is the Solution

What if we tell you that you could do everything easily and invest time in the business expansion? After years of experience working with commission agents, Bijak has developed a new mandi accounting software called ChargeERP. ChargeERP removes hassles caused by both paper-based accounting as well as software available in the market. ChargeERP is such an easy software to use that you don’t need any technical knowledge or accounting skills to operate.

Let’s talk about how ChargeERP can bring a difference to the life and working style of a sabzi mandi commission agent.

  • A commission agent can Sign up or log in by visiting the website and start using it right away.
  • Here you get all the information about arrivals, sales, bookkeeping and inventory management in one place.
  • You could save up to 90% of your time otherwise invested in managing the paper book or keeping a track of payment.
  • Another advantage is that a commission agent can add multiple company’s records and give access to as many as users they want. With ChargeERP, a user gets easy access.
  • Commission agents don’t need to visit their office to check records anymore. You can easily log in to your account from anywhere via any phone, laptop or computer to see the records. You just need a good internet connection.
  • The other benefit with ChargeERP is that you could get all the bills and report over WhatsApp on your registered mobile number with a single click. It makes it easy for you to check your records or send a bill or receipt to your customer or supplier.

We have also taken care of data protection. Our software is end-to-end encrypted and data is safely stored over clouds hence minimalising the chance of data theft. Hence only you could see your data and no one else. Software navigation is designed based on the user experience hence the process of logging into recording an entry of sale or purchase to inventory management, everything is so smooth.

So you see how easy it is to manage your inventory and bills & reports with ChargeERP. To know more, please visit or dial +91 8588998844 and book your free demo today. We also suggest that you follow us on Facebook for regular updates. You can also view the latest instructional videos on the ChargeERP YouTube channel.