How ChargeERP Can Save Time And Energy Of Commission Agents ?

ChargeERP mandi accounting software is designed for commission agents to increase the efficiency of their mandi business ChargeERP mandi accounting software is designed for commission agents to increase the efficiency of their mandi business

ChargeERP has proven itself to be a boon for commission agents. This mandi software is a fitting answer to all the accounting problems aadathiyas face while operating in mandis on a daily basis. Acting as a link between suppliers and customers, aadathiyas are bound to maintain their accounts, record arrivals, track finances, and generate bills. While a traditional bookkeeping method can cost a lot of time and energy, ChargeERP can cut it down by 90%.

Let us understand how.

Create quick accounts

Commission agents are involved in the entire process of crops reaching the buyers from the suppliers. For example, farmers bring their farm produce to the mandis and commission agents help them in selling it to their potential buyers. However, dealing with a large number of buyers and suppliers at the same time is an immense task unless they are maintaining records for them.

ChargeERP has a separate ‘Accounts’ page for adding supplier and customer accounts. Commission agents can access and manage accounts’ data with the click of a button. This indeed will help them in saving a lot of energy and time.

Record arrivals and sales

ChargeERP is fully aware of how a mandi business work. That’s why this mandi accounting software consists of ‘Arrivals’, ‘Daily Sales’ and ‘Quick Sale’ pages for saving commission agent’s time and energy. As the agricultural items are received in mandis from the suppliers, their entries can be saved in the ‘Arrivals’ section of the software. Also, the details related to the sales of items, along with their suppliers and customers are recorded on the ‘Quick Sale’ and ‘Daily Sale’ pages of ChargeERP.

Generate instant bills and reports

The most time-consuming task for any mandi business is generating bills and reports. While some commission agents still prefer paper-based bills, others like to work on certain templates stored on their laptops or computers. ChargeERP can generate six different types of professional bills and reports in seconds. All you need to do is just click on their ‘Bills and Reports’ tab and then click on your desired report. These bills and reports can also be shared on your WhatsApp so that you can further share them with your customers and suppliers.


A dashboard is the first thing you will notice as soon as you log into ChargeERP mandi accounting software. This will help commission agents in analyzing their business in a matter of seconds. Along with the payments received and paid, they can also catch a quick glance at the daily and weekly status of their business.

Multiple-device access

This exclusive feature of ChargeERP allows commission agents to operate on this software in real-time. With just a few clicks, they can make arrival entries, cash and bank payment entries, sales entries, and much more. The platform can be used on computers, laptops, and mobile phones irrespective of the place you are operating at.

ChargeERP is the easiest, fastest and most secure mandi accounting software designed to minimize the time and energy consumed by commission agents. It is powered by Bijak, India’s No. 1 agri-trading app. Using this software, aadathiyas can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their mandi businesses. Moreover, it is cloud-based accounting software that can be accessed from anywhere and from multiple devices.

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