How To Add Multiple Companies On ‘Masters Page’

How To Add Multiple Companies On 'Masters Page' Commission Agent can add multiple companies on 'Masters Page' of ChargeERP.

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Let’s find out how a Commission Agent can add Companies on the ‘Masters’ page of ChargeERP.

This is the foundation of all your accounting processes, therefore we suggest you fill this before you begin working on any other section of the website.

How To Add Multiple Companies On 'Masters Page'
‘Masters’ page on ChargeERP
  • Click on the ‘Masters’ (A) tab on the sidebar to go to the ‘Masters’ page.
  • The page lists 5 tabs – ‘Company Details’, ‘Users’, ‘Items’, ‘Crates’ and ‘Stores’.
  • Let’s look into ‘Company Details’ (B) tab. The company details you added during sign-up are shown here with a ‘Primary’ tag (C). Please remember that all the pages you view are always associated with the Primary account selected by you.

Here’s how you can edit the details you added at the time of sign up:

How To Add Multiple Companies On 'Masters Page'
Three dot menu and ‘Edit’ button

To make edits to the displayed company details, click on the ‘three-dot menu’ (D) and click on the ‘Edit’ (E) option. This will lead you to the ‘Edit You Company’ form.

First, add the Company Details:

How To Add Multiple Companies On 'Masters Page'
‘Edit Your Company’ form

Add the mandatory information:

  • On the form that opens up, you can upload your ‘Company Logo’ (F). Browse and upload the logo from your computer. Going forward, all your bills and reports will carry this logo.
  • You can also edit Company Details (G) like the ‘Company Name’, ‘Company Address’, and select the correct ‘State’ and ‘City’ from the respective dropdowns. The ‘Mobile Number’ and ‘Email ID’ are prefilled based on the information submitted at the time of sign-up. Please note that the ‘Mobile Number’ cannot be changed. Every new company you add will have the same registered mobile number and email id.

You can also add optional details:

  • You have the option to enter some details like a nickname for your company name under ‘Print As or Alias’ (H). This gives you the flexibility to use the Company Name exactly as it is or use a nickname.
  • You also have the option to add ‘GST/VAT No.’ (I).

You have the option to add Bank Account Details.

How To Add Multiple Companies On 'Masters Page'
‘Bank Account Details’ on ‘Edit Your Company’ form

The second section of this form is dedicated to Bank Account Details (J), which is again optional. You can add your Primary and Secondary Bank Names and Account Numbers here.

Click on the ‘Save’ (K) button to see this new information on the ‘Company Details’ page.

How To Add Multiple Companies On 'Masters Page'
‘Add Your Company’ on ‘Masters’ page

Similarly, you can add your other companies by clicking on the ‘Add Your Company’ (L) button on the right side of the ‘Company Details’ page.

How To Add Multiple Companies On 'Masters Page'
Company dropdown on ‘Masters’ page

Click on the company name dropdown (M) in the top left corner whenever you wish to switch your company accounts. The Primary tag indicates whichever company account you are working on.

See, how simple it is for the Commission Agent to add multiple companies to the ‘Masters’ page on ChargeERP. Read our next article in the ‘How-To’ series – ‘How To Add Basic Users To Masters Page’. ChargeERP is the easiest, fastest, and most secure accounting software designed exclusively for mandi commission agents. Powered by Bijak, India’s most trusted agri-trading platform, the software helps in keeping a record of daily sales and purchases happening in mandis and saves 90% of the accounting time.

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