How To Add Basic ‘Users’ On ‘Masters Page’

How To Add Basic 'Users' On 'Masters Page' Commission Agent can add basic 'Users' on 'Masters' page of ChargeERP

This is the next article from our ‘How-To’ series. The previous post was ‘How To Add Multiple Companies On ChargeERP’

Let’s find out how a Commission Agent can add ‘Basic Users’ on the ‘Masters’ page of ChargeERP.

This is the foundation of all your accounting processes, therefore we suggest you fill this before you begin working on any other section of the website.

How To Add Basic 'Users' On 'Masters Page'
‘Masters’ page
  • Click on the ‘Masters’ (A) tab on the sidebar to go to the ‘Masters’ page. The page lists 5 tabs – ‘Company Details’, ‘Users’, ‘Items’, ‘Crates’ and ‘Stores’.
  • Let’s begin with ‘Users’ tab. Users can be your accountants, staff and business partners.
  • From the top left corner of the header, click on the Company dropdown (B). Choose the company you want to add the Basic Users to.
  • Next, click on the ‘Users’(C) tab.
'Users' tab on 'Masters' page
‘Users’ tab on ‘Masters’ page

To add a new User, click on the ‘New User’(D) button on the right side of the page.

This will open the ‘Add New User’ form:

How To Add Basic 'Users' On 'Masters Page'
‘Add New User’ form

First, fill in the basic User details (E):

  • Enter mandatory information like ‘Person Name’, ‘Designation’ and ‘Mobile Number’. The ‘Person’s Name’ and ‘Mobile Number’ cannot be changed once registered. The User can only log into his account using this mobile number, therefore please ensure it is the correct one.
  • You also have the option to add the User’s ‘Email’.

Give appropriate permissions:

Being the Super Admin, assign desired permissions (F) to the new User’. You can give the User permission to ‘View’, ‘Create’, ‘Edit’, and ‘Delete’.

  • ‘View’ permission allows the User to view all entries created by any User in the company account he is assigned to.
  • In the absence of ‘View’ permission, the User can only ‘Create’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ entries created by him.
  • Once you have assigned the desired Permissions, click on ‘Save’ (G) button.

The person you just added will now be listed under the ‘Users’ tab in ‘Masters’.

  • A User is not allowed to change company details.
  • All Users can use the Print functionality to print the data visible to them.
  • The newly added User can start mandi accounting on his personal device.
  • He has to log in on using his mobile number and OTP.
  • This is the same mobile number that Super Admin added while creating his User profile.

You can edit this information when required:

Edit and delete button
Edit and delete button

To make edits to the displayed User details, click on the ‘three-dot menu’ (H) and click on the ‘Edit’ option. This will lead you to the ‘Edit User’ form. Click on ‘Delete’ option to delete any entry.

So, this is how Commission Agents can add multiple Users to the ‘Masters’ page on ChargeERP. Read our next article in the ‘How-To’ series – ‘How To Add Items To Masters Page’. ChargeERP is an advanced accounting software favored by commission agents of reputed Mandis in India. Designed by Bijak, India’s most trusted agri-trading app, the software does not require technical or accounting expertise to operate. Moreover, it can reduce your workload by 90% by cutting down the amount of time consumed in mandi accounting.

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