How To Add Items On ‘Masters’ Page Of ChargeERP

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‘Masters’ is a key page on the ChargeERP mandi accounting software. It allows commission agents to keep a record of all the companies, users, items, crates, and stores involved in their mandi business. In the previous article, we discussed how to add new users on the ‘Masters’ page of ChargeERP. Through this article, we’ll understand how to add new items on the ‘Masters’ page of ChargeERP.

Commission agents or aadathiyas deal in various commodities including fruits, vegetables, food grains, etc. every day. With the help of ChargeERP, they can easily store the details of these commodities including the commissions charged.

This is how you add items to ‘Masters’ page:

Select Company Name
Select Company Name

First, log into your ChargeERP account. Once you log in, you will directly land on the ‘Dashboard’ page. From the top left corner of the ‘Dashboard’, click on the company name Dropdown (A) and choose the company you want to add items to. Now using the sidebar on the left side, click on the Masters’ (B) tab.

Select Item and Click on New Item button
Select Item and Click on New Item button
  • Click on the ‘Masters’ tab to go to the ‘Masters’ page. You will see five tabs on this page, namely ‘Company Details’, ‘Users’, ‘Items’, ‘Crates’, and ‘Stores’.
  • To add a new commodity to the selected company, click on the ‘Items’ (C) tab.
  • Then, click on the ‘New Item’ (D) button on the right and a new form will open up.

This will open the ‘Add Item’ form:

Enter Item details
Enter Item details

On the form, please enter the Item Details (E).

  • Enter the ‘Item Name’ and its ‘Hindi Name’.
  • Now, enter the ‘Commission (%)’ applied to the item. Then, enter the ‘Market Fees (%)’ and ‘RDF% (Rural Development Fund)’ if applied by the mandi authorities on that item.
  • Next, enter the ‘Bardana’ (₹) which is the expense related to the item’s box, crate, or bag. Select its unit from the ‘Bardana Apply On’ dropdown.
  • Similarly, enter the ‘Laga’ or the labor charge related to the item, and choose its unit from the ‘Laga Apply On dropdown.
  • If your item is traded in crates then choose ‘Yes’ in the ‘Item in Crates’ box, else select ‘No’. This will help with crate management at later stages of mandi accounting.
  • Next, define the nug of the item by providing ‘Weight/Nug (kg)’ and ‘Kaat/Nug (kg)’. Please note that Kaat is commonly the average weight of the crate. It is applicable only if the items are sold in crates.

Click on the ‘Save’ (F) button. The newly added Item will now appear in the table under the ‘Items’ tab.

How to edit or delete ‘Items’ details

How to Edit
How to Edit or Delete

Every row in the ‘Items’ table has a ‘three-dot menu’ (G) on the right side, which allows you to ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ the item details.

This is how we can add a new item on the Masters’ page of ChargeERP. The next post is ‘How to add ‘Crates’ and ‘Stores’ on the ‘Masters’ page. ChargeERP is an advanced mandi accounting solution provided by Bijak, India’s most trusted agri-trading app. The platform promises easy, fast and secure accounting for mandi commission agents. It can be accessed from multiple devices and can reduce your accounting time by 90%.

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