How To View Dashboard On ChargeERP

How To View Dashboard On ChargeERP? How To View Dashboard On ChargeERP ?

Dashboard is a crucial part of any accounting software. Get to know how you can view Dashboard on ChargeERP.

This is the next article from our How-To series. The previous post was ‘How To Sign Up & Login on ChargeERP’.

A dashboard is the first thing you will notice as soon as you log into ChargeERP mandi accounting software. The whole point of having this section is to view the daily and weekly data at a glance. Most effective accounting dashboards are clean, easy to understand, and provide all the insights related to business in one place. ChargeERP Dashboard is created along these same lines.

The Dashboard page on ChargeERP will display all the important figures related to your business without navigating through different sections. Also, this will let you access major reports and bills with the click of a button.

Let’s find out how to view ‘Dashboard’ on ChargeERP

Dashboard view
Dashboard view

As soon as you log into your ChargeERP account, a ‘Dashboard’ page will open up. On the top left side of the ‘Dashboard’ page, you will see your active company name. This page is divided into three sections:

1. Quick Access

Quick Access section on Dashboard
Quick Access section on Dashboard

The ‘Quick Access’ (A) section has six frequently used buttons. The first three buttons are ‘Arrivals’, ‘Quick Sale’ and ‘Cash Entry’ (B). The next three buttons are ‘Seller Bill’, ‘Customer Bill’, and ‘Collection Report’ (C). These will quickly let you go to each of these pages without navigating the entire website.

  • The ‘Arrivals’ button will let you create a quick entry for a new commodity that has arrived in the mandi.
  • Click on the ‘Quick Sale’ button to create a new sale entry.
  • Click on the ‘Cash Entry’ button to add the amount of cash paid or received, instantly.
  • ‘Seller Bill’, ‘Customer Bill’, and ‘Collection Report’ buttons will land you directly to the ‘Bills and Reports’ section of ChargeERP. You can select a date range and download or print the desired bill or report.

2.  Today’s View

Today's View on Dashboard
Today’s View on Dashboard

The ‘Today’s View’ (D) section will give the daily status update of your total ‘Arrivals’, ‘Sales’, ‘Commission’, ‘Crates Received’ and ‘Crates Issued’.

3. Amount Received and Amount Paid

Amount Received and Amount Paid on Dashboard
Amount Received and Amount Paid on Dashboard

In the third section, the ‘Amount Received’ (E) box displays the total money received from your top 9 Customers. Similarly, the ‘Amount Paid’ (F) box displays the total money paid to the top 9 Suppliers.

4. Weekly View

Weekly View on Dashboard
Weekly View on Dashboard

Using the ‘Weekly View’ tab (G), you can update the second and third sections of the ‘Dashboard’ for the last seven days. In short, with one glance you will get the status of the whole week.

See, how simple it is to view the ‘Dashboard’ page on ChargeERP. ChargeERP is the easiest, fastest, and most secure mandi software that caters to the accounting needs of commission agents. Powered by Bijak, India’s most trusted agri-trading app, the software allows multi-device access and can easily reduce your time spent on accounting by 90%. ChargeERP even provides DEO services i.e. on-premise data entry support to their subscribers.

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