5 Most Profitable Cash Crops In India

Cash crops are boon for farmers

Cash crops in India are mainly produced for commercial purposes and sold in national and international markets. One of the most popular ways of producing cash crops is by monocropping in which a single crop is cultivated on a piece of land. Additionally, exports of these crops help farmers in increasing their income. With an export volume of over 7 lakh metric tonnes, India is a leading exporter of cotton which is also a prime example of a cash crop.

5 Cash crops grown in India 

  • Sugarcane

India ranks 2nd in Sugarcane production

World Rank2

Top Producer: Uttar Pradesh

Climate Condition: Hot & humid, temp. of 21°- 27°C

Soil Condition: Grown on all types of soil from sandy loam to clay loam

Favorable Time: Feb to April for growing, Oct and Nov for harvesting

  • Cotton

India is World no. 1 in production of Cotton

World Rank – 1

Top Producer: Gujarat

Climate Condition: Dry weather, temp. of 20°- 35°C, rainfall of 50 – 80cm

Soil Condition: Grown in black soil that suits its mineral requirements

Favorable Time: Sowing and harvesting time differs for different regions

  • Tobacco

India ranks World no. 2

World Rank2

Top Producer: Andhra Pradesh

Climate Condition: Dry weather, temp. of 15°-  40°C, rainfall of 50 cm

Soil Condition: Grown in fertile soil with good drainage

Favorable Time: Planted during spring and summer, harvesting time varies for different regions 

  • Oil Seeds
India ranks World no. 1 in production of Groundnut

World Rank – Groundnut: 1 & Soybean: 5

Top Producer: Madhya Pradesh

Climate Condition: Temp. of 20°-30°C and rainfall of about 50-75 cm

Soil Condition: Clay loam soil, deep black soil, and alluvial soil are best suited

Favorable Time: Sown in June and July, harvested in Oct and Nov

  • Jute

India is World no. 1 in production of Jute

World Rank – 1

Top Producer: Assam

Climate Condition: High temp. of 24°-35°C and heavy rainfall of 125-200 cm

Soil Condition: Grown on well-drained fertile soil in the flood plains

Favorable Time: March to May for sowing, June to Sep for harvesting


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