How Does Polyhouse Technology Help With Cultivating More Crops?

Polyhouse technology helps growing crops in open fields

A polyhouse is a specially constructed building-like structure under which crops are grown in partially or fully controlled climate conditions. This allows the entry of natural light and also prevents the crops from threats such as extreme heat and pest attacks. Modern-day polyhouses are built on high-quality steel frames and covered with plastic. The white plastic used is usually 200 microns thick,  weatherproof and resistant to UV rays.

Polyhouse technology is valuable when compared to growing crops in open fields with no protection from bad weather, thereby affecting the yield and quality of crops. Usually, a drip irrigation system is installed inside a polyhouse for watering purposes. Also, they provide a higher concentration of CO2 to maximize crop production. In polyhouse conditions, one can grow plants that are otherwise impossible to grow, for example, strawberries.

Recent application of polyhouse technology in India

A naturally ventilated polyhouse facility has been inaugurated in Ludhiana, Punjab in collaboration with CSIR – Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, Palampur. It is a retractable roof polyhouse that is operated based on weather conditions and crop requirements determined using real-time data. This particular set-up of cultivating crops helps in manipulating the quantity and duration of sunlight, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and soil temperatures.

Currently, there is a crop loss of about 15% in India and with climate change lowering the plant’s natural defence against insects and pests, this loss is increasing. Polyhouse technology is a robust way of dealing with climate change and problems associated with it. It can be used in different agro-climatic zones of India and can help farmers in cultivating more crops, including off-season crops. As a result, farmers could fetch higher value and income.

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