Why There Is A Need For Mandi Accounting Software For Vegetable Mandis

Why There Is A Need For Mandi Accounting Software For Vegetable Mandis Mandi accounting software for vegetable mandis is the need of the hour.

A vegetable mandi is a place where a large amount of fresh produce is purchased and sold. It acts as a meeting point between the farmers and consumers. However, the major tasks associated with the sale and purchase of vegetables are mediated through aadathiyas or commission agents. They are responsible for crop display, basic cleaning, and sorting, conducting auctions, and making payments to farmers. Along with this, aadathiyas are also expected to record and organize all the transactions that occur in their daily mandi business.

Why do commission agents need mandi accounting software?

1. They have to deal in a variety of produce.

Commission agents operating in vegetable mandis deal in a number of commodities. With the help of mandi software, they can keep a record of all the commodities purchased or sold by them. ChargeERP Mandi accounting software allows commission agents to create separate item entries with details related to their commission, market fees, and RDF.

2. They have to maintain buying and selling records.

Farmers bring their produce to the commission agents in regulated Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs). Commission agents conduct auctions by calling out prices quoted by potential buyers around them. The final price is then checked with the farmers before handing over the produce to the highest bidder. If the deal goes through, the farmer pays a fixed percentage of the final amount to the commission agent.

A mandi accounting software is required here for keeping a track of the buying and selling prices of the produce. It should also be able to store all the important information related to sellers and customers for future interactions.

3. They have to generate instant bills and reports.

Creating bills and reports is tedious yet the most significant task of commission agents. Every day, while dealing with different sellers and customers in mandis, they are bound to generate great numbers of bills and reports. A mandi software with an instant report generation feature will help Commission agents in speeding up this task to a great extent. ChargeERP software allows commission agents to create, download, and print instant bills and reports. Also, those can be shared on WhatsApp with the click of a button.

4. They need something easy, quick, and secure.

Commission agents’ hectic work schedule doesn’t allow them to operate on complicated accounting software. However, a dedicated mandi accounting software like ChargeERP knows exactly the needs of commission agents. It is the easiest, fastest, and most secure mandi accounting software that doesn’t require any kind of training and accounting expertise. Also, the platform is integrated with end-to-end encryption technology for providing immense security to the user’s data.

ChargeERP is a solution provided by Bijak, India’s No. 1 agri-tech company. Some of the other benefits offered by this software are as follows:

  • Access from anywhere
  • Multi-device access
  • 100% control over data
  • Manage team remotely
  • Regional language support
  • Inventory management
  • WhatsApp sharing of reports
  • Six all-inclusive reports
  • Downloadable bills & receipts
  • WhatsApp sharing of reports

If you are looking to explore more about this next-level accounting software, feel free to dial +91 9311341199 or visit www.chargeerp.com