The Impact of Covid Second Wave On Indian Agritech Sector

The Impact of Covid Second Wave On Indian Agritech Sector

A few years ago, the agricultural sector was looked at by the government only. Today, many players are recognizing the gaps in the agricultural supply chain and finding solutions to improve this sector. Agri-tech is one such example that works on addressing these gaps. Agri-tech is least affected by the second wave of the pandemic. Let’s discuss more on it.

Impact of the pandemic second wave on Agritech sector

Covid 19 has been terrible yet a learning phase for the world. Many trends including work from home, e-commerce, and food delivery saw a sudden surge after lockdowns were commenced all across the globe. The situation in India was more complicated due to poverty and weak medical systems.

When the first wave of pandemic struck India in March 2020, agricultural traders including farmers, struggled a lot for purchasing inputs, accessing finance, and finding a market for their produce. Due to lockdowns, their access to mandi was limited, and they could not even get the agri-logistics and transport services. As a result, there was a huge post-harvest loss and price drop.

The learnings from the first wave have prepared us well for the second wave of Covid 19. Agritech start-ups suddenly realized their importance. Ultimately, the pandemic has helped them shift from traditional, informal, and analog markets to innovative, formal, and digital ones. Business models which were built on technology and learnings from the first wave have survived and are now running successfully.

Future of Agritech sector

The Agritech sector is expected to change the face of the agriculture industry in the next 5 years. With this, farmers’ productivity and efficiency will improve and a robust supply chain will be created. It will adopt emerging technologies and innovative solutions across the supply chain. Real-time monitoring of supply and demand, digitization of inventory, and integration of artificial intelligence are just the highlights of Agritech’s future.

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