Why Incorporate ChargeERP Into A New Agri-Business

Why Incorporate ChargeERP Into A New Agri-Business Why incorporate ChargeERP into a new agribusiness

India is a predominantly agricultural country, and it’s no secret that agriculture is the backbone of our country’s economy. In fact, there is evidence of farming dating back to the Harappa civilization. The Green Revolution of the 1960s marked the dawn of a new era. Today, 51% of land in India is arable and up to 52% of the Indian population makes their livelihood from agriculture and associated industries.

Thanks to modernization, every home now has access to the internet and almost everyone uses smartphones. This has opened up many opportunities for those involved in the agricultural sector. It has made people more aware and made life easier for all. Today, agribusiness has many possibilities. Businesses such as dry flower processing, organic farming, fertilizer distribution, fisheries, mushroom farming, sunflower farming, etc. can be established easily at low costs.

In 2020, the Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar had addressed the Lok Sabha on the achievements of the agriculture sector. He said that as per the 2018-19 food grain production estimates, 2852 lakh tons of produce was harvested. The estimated production in 2019-20 was 2966.5 lakh tons.

The government is striving to double farmer’s income by 2022. Various government schemes have been introduced under this, one of which is Agri Clinics And Agribusiness Centre Scheme (ACABC). The government intends to give upto ₹20 lakh loans under it.

It’s safe to say that the Indian government is well aware of the contributions to the economy from agriculture and associated industries. This can be gauged from the National Statistical Office (NSO) reports too. In May 2021, NSO delivered the reports showing the contributions of the agri-sector. According to the report, the agri-sector contributed 17.6% towards economic growth in 2018-19. It is expected to grow to 20.2% by the end of the year

It is becoming obvious that with the passing of time, technology will come to play an important role in people’s lives. This is why various software are available in the market to help those working in agri trade. Bijak, India’s No.1 agri trading app has experience working with agri traders and knows the challenges they face. This led them to create an accounting software called ChargeERP which can greatly help the commission agents working in mandis.

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ChargeERP is powered by Bijak, India’s No.1 agri-trading app. It has been specifically designed for commission agents, merchants and traders. It is easy to operate and it doesn’t require you to have any accounting or technical expertise.

With ChargeERP, you can access all details regarding your sales, payments, and inventory in one place. Plus, it ensures data security with end-to-end encryption. You can also access and use this software it from multiple devices.

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