Conventional Agriculture Vs Sustainable Agriculture

Conventional Agriculture Vs Sustainable Agriculture Conventional Agriculture Vs Sustainable Agriculture

In the past few decades, agriculture has experienced a huge transformation.  With the growing population, yields have increased. Our capability to produce food has been improved substantially. We have adopted intensive methods of cultivation and even achieved surplus production. However, somewhere a question still remains. What kind of agriculture should one opt for – Conventional or Sustainable? Let’s check out the facts with this table.  

Sr No. Criteria Conventional Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture
1 Main Focus Synthetic chemicals are used to grow crops.  The focus remains on agricultural practices that save the ecosystem.
2 Use of chemicals Large amounts for high yields.   No chemicals are used. 
3 Environmental Impact It hampers the surroundings. It preserves the environment.  
4 Crop Diversity Same crops year after year. A variety of crops are grown. 
5 Soil fertility Reduction over time Augmentation/preservation
6 Soil erosion Gradually increasing Minimal
7 Crop Type Genetically modified crops are used. Genetically modified crops are prohibited.
8 Biodiversity No focus  Complete focus.

Just so you know, ICAR and KVKs have taken many steps to promote sustainable farming practices in India. Major initiatives are technology-driven. 

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