Significance Of Krishi Vigyan Kendra In India

Significance Of Krishi Vigyan Kendra In India Importance of Krishi Vigyan Kendra in India.

India is continuously trying to achieve new milestones in the field of agriculture. Farmers across the country are dedicatedly working to fulfil the nationwide demand and government agencies are providing the much-needed support. As we are aware that science and technology has an important role in agriculture, it’s important to acknowledge the efforts of our Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVK) that are shaping the future of India’s agricultural domain.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK)

KVKs are an important part of the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) in India. They play a vital role in technology assessment and help the farming community to develop capacities to overcome the challenges related to agriculture. KVKs are the only institution that provides technical assistance to the farmers at the district level. In simple words, they function as a knowledge and resource centre to the farming community. Today around 725 KVKs are operating all over India.

Significance of KVKs in India

One can easily assess the significance of KVKs based on their functions. For decades they have been demonstrating a unique approach to support the farming community. The key activities include –

  • On-farm testing: KVK tests new technologies on selected farms. It promotes innovative farming methods and encourages farmers to use various seed varieties developed by ICAR.  
  • Demonstrations: Since KVKs are present in hundreds of rural districts in India, they organize programs to showcase the effectiveness of technology in farming fields.
  • Capacity building: KVKs also accommodate skill-building exercises to push the latest farming techniques among farmers. 
  • Workshops: Regional-level workshops are an important part of KVK activities. It helps in connecting with the farming community.
  • Knowledge and resource centre: Through the use of agricultural technologies, KVK supports both public and private initiatives.
  • Advisory services: Using information and communication technology as a medium, KVKs provide weather advisories and make farmers aware of market prices. 

Apart from that, KVKs focus on the production of technological products related to seeds, bio-agents and livestock, etc. All these together help the farmers to increase production.  

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