The Importance Of Drone Technology In Indian Agriculture

Importance Of Drone Technology In Indian Agriculture Drone technology In Indian agriculture.

India is an agrarian country and agriculture is the major source of income for more than 58% of India’s population. Despite that, the sector is still behind in adapting to the technological advancements that are changing the world of agriculture. We all are aware that Indian farmers are majorly dependent on monsoon for irrigation and their lives are adversely affected by crop failures due to unfavourable weather conditions and uncontrolled pest attacks. However, drone technology can be a game-changer for Indian agriculture.

Importance of drones in Indian agriculture

  • Crop health assessment: Drones have the ability to assess crop health. With the help of distinct sensors and infrared rays, it evaluates the crop conditions like insects and pest attacks, water stress and diseases etc. Even provides an early warning to the system so that corrective measures can be taken at the right time. 
  • Irrigation and planting: Irrigation is the most important part of agriculture and drone surveys help a lot in this field. It helps in improving water efficiency. Along with this, it is a useful tool in preventing water wastage as well. Based on its application, it has become an integral component of precision farming techniques. Apart from that drones can help in planting the seeds and can even help in providing nutrients to the soil.  
  • Spraying on crops: They can be also used to spray fertilizers and pesticides in the fields. The best part is that the amount can be adjusted based on the requirement and crop conditions. Eventually, it increases the efficiency of chemicals applied and diminishes the adverse effects of chemicals on the environment. In simple terms, it enables a balanced approach towards the use of chemical inputs. 
  • Soil analysis:  Drones are well equipped to mount sensors that help in analyzing the soil conditions, moisture and nutrient content. Even fertility levels of soil can be examined which further helps the farmers to decide on crop sowing patterns.
  • Crop insurance: Drones can be useful in monitoring crop failures. The degree of damage can be precisely assessed. It can be helpful during insurance claims. Both farmers and insurance companies can be benefitted by this. 
  • Livestock management: Sounds strange but drones can be highly useful in livestock management. The high-resolution cameras and sensors equipped in drones can identify diseased animals. Those exposed to the diseases can be separated and treated in an efficient manner. It could be a boon to the dairy industry.
  • Monitoring of crops: With the use of drones, crops can be monitored easily. It can be a useful tool throughout the cropping season. The drone technology enables the farmers to keep a check on their fields and eliminate the need for manual inspections. Drones can be highly useful in hilly areas. 
  • Geofencing and weed identification: The thermal cameras in drones can easily detect humans and animals during the night. So, trespassing and damage caused by animals can be eliminated. Apart from that drones can be used in the identification of weeds and they can be rooted out before significant damages.  

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