How Does End-to-End Encryption Help In Mandi Accounting?

How Does End-to-End Encryption Help In Mandi Accounting How end-to-end encryption helps in mandi accounting

Over the past few years, end-to-end encryption has enabled social media networks to protect their data from hacking. Today, many platforms depend on this technology for securing their data and communications. This method of data security ensures that no one else can access your data unless you give them the authority to. 

Today, most of the cloud-based platforms including WhatsApp are offering end-to-end encryption. Mandi accounting systems are no exception. ChargeERP is the easiest mandi accounting software that relies on this technology to protect your accounting data related to customers and suppliers. 

What is end-to-end encryption?

The end-to-end encryption will secure (encrypt) your data with a lock. The key to unlocking this data will only be held by you. That’s why no one else will be able to read or access your information in the system. The best part about encryption-enabled platforms is that you don’t have to turn on any special settings to enjoy this level of data security.  

Why is there a need for end-to-end encryption in cloud-based platforms?

There is no denying the fact that moving to cloud-based platforms offers a wide range of benefits. They are flexible, easy to manage, and accessible from multiple devices. But as they represent a centralized repository of information, there is a need to protect them even more. 

End-to-end encryption tackles this problem differently. Instead of figuring out how to protect the server, this technique will focus on securing data. End-to-end encryption enables user’s data to be decrypted only on their personal computers or smartphones, never on the servers. Therefore, even if a server is hacked, the attacker will only be able to access encrypted data, which is incomprehensible.   

Mandi accounting and end-to-end encryption

Commission agents use Mandi accounting platforms for recording accounting data related to sellers and buyers. Aadhatiyas are bound to maintain a log of all the sale and purchase transactions happening in mandis on daily basis. As compared to other software, ChargeERP is integrated with end-to-end encryption technology to help protect your valuable financial information and sensitive customer data.

ChargeERP is a cloud-based mandi accounting software that uses end-to-end encryption to store and secure data. As a result, no one else can access data but the user. As ChargeERP ensures paramount data security, commission agents are recommended to use it. Apart from protecting their data, the software is accessible from multiple devices with 100% control over data. Some of the key advantages offered by this platform are:

  • Access from anywhere
  • 100% control over data
  • Data security guaranteed
  • Manage team remotely
  • Regional language support
  • Multi-device access
  • Inventory management
  • WhatsApp sharing of Reports
  • Six all-inclusive reports
  • Downloadable Bills & Receipts

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