ChargeERP – Freedom From Accounting Hassles

ChargeERP – Freedom from accounting hassles ChargeERP – Freedom from accounting hassles

This year, we are celebrating the 74th anniversary of our Independence. Over the years, our nation has evolved. Today, we are one of the world’s fastest developing countries. Technology is one of our most recognized sectors across the globe. Even though we gained access to computers only in the 90s, today we are one of the best technology hubs. Our people are making the country proud around the world. Today technology and the digital revolution have changed our lives. Online businesses are now a common phenomenon in India. Even agriculture and businesses related to it are leaving behind their traditional ways and moving forward. All of this has been possible only with technology. 

Earlier we used to keep accounting records on paper. From offices to shops, there were piles of ledger accounts. In emergencies, these records faced a high risk of damage. It’s really hard to decide what to save first in such cases – your own life or the records of your lifelong earnings. But, technology has eased everything to just one click. Also, cloud storage features ensure that your data is secure. 

ChargeERP is a blessing for the commission agents working in mandis. ChargeERP is a standalone solution for all mandi accounting problems. This software is specially designed for the commission agents to solve all their accounting-related problems in one place. 

Let us tell you the challenges and problems faced by the commission agents because of their traditional way of work:

Challenges of traditional mandi accounting

  • Manpower: To maintain proper records and to keep work going in a smooth manner calls for manpower. You need more people to keep the work going.
  • More expenses: More manpower means more expenses. Having more employees makes your work easier but it requires more money to be invested in them. Also, this doesn’t ensure that you’ll get the desired results.
  • Mistakes: “To err is human”. There’s always a scope of making mistakes no matter how hard we try not to make one. Sometimes a mere mistake can lead to huge losses in business.
  • Time-consuming: Managing ledgers and maintaining many types of entries can take a lot of time and requires focus. That’s why working on a file or paper is a big responsibility on its own.
  • Data security: By any reason, your business-related documents can get damaged. It can be a calamity, theft, or misplacement. Losing a ledger means that whatever data you have recorded till that date is now gone and it will affect your business and finances directly. Also, there’s no way to retrieve it.  

ChargeERP is the easiest solution

ChargeERP is the standalone solution to all the challenges of mandi accounting mentioned above. See, what’s so special about ChargeERP?

  • Easy to use: Using ChargeERP is quite simple. You don’t need any technical expertise to use this. 
  • Budget-friendly: In comparison to the traditional way of heavy ledger management, ChargeERP is much faster and cost-efficient to use.
  • Time saver: You can save 90% of mandi accounting time by using this software.
  • Easily accessible: ChargeERP can be used by many users on multiple devices.
  • End-to-end encryption: To ensure your data security, ChargeERP works on end-to-end encryption so that only you can access your data.
  • Cloud technology: You can be worry-free about data loss with ChargeERP because it works on cloud storage which stores your data securely.

Change cannot be easy but as Darwin said – “Survival of the fittest”. We should keep evolving with the times in order to grow and achieve in life. ChargeERP is just the solution where you can change your life with one click. So don’t wait anymore and book your free ChargeERP demo today. For more details visit or call on +91 9311341199.