ChargeERP: Redefining Online Mandi Accounting

ChargeERP- Redefining Online Mandi Accounting ChargeERP - redefining online mandi accounting.

Accounting is an integral part of business. However, it is a tedious task and requires dedicated time and effort. As it involves several aspects like creating bills and receipts, inventory management and even calculations, it consumes a lot of time. Hence business owners should opt for the right alternative. In such conditions, accounting software comes into the scene and helps commission agents to maintain their finances efficiently. Also, the automated processes of software give them accurate results. However, the real question arises what kind of accounting software one should be using? Offline or online? 

The answer lies in accounting software like ChargeERP – a solution that is helping the commission agents (aadathiyas) overcome the challenges of mandi accounting. But before we move on to ChargeERP, let’s clear the air between the offline and online accounting software.

Offline software 

Offline software programs are installed on computer systems. It can be accessed only on the system where it has been installed. Although they are a better option than manual accounting, they have limited advantages. You can access it without the internet. You don’t have to bother about the monthly subscriptions. Also, your data is stored on your computer. 

Online software 

With the increasing availability of the internet to the masses, online accounting software is becoming prevalent. It provides greater advantages than offline ones. Coming on to the requirement, a good internet connection is enough to take off all your accounting burdens. Also, there is no requirement for heavy systems at your workplace. Looking at the current scenario, they are the best fit for businesses and if you are using an advanced solution like ChargeERP, then your experience would be at another level. Why? Let’s figure it out.  

Meet ChargeERP

ChargeERP is an advanced online accounting software that makes mandi accounting easy. It is specially designed for agricultural traders like commission agents (aadathiyas) who work in Indian mandis. This cloud-based accounting software caters to their accounting needs. It has several exclusive features that make accounting effortless.

Advantages of using ChargeERP

  • Easy to use: ChargeERP is one of the easiest technologies to use on this planet. It does not require any accounting or technical knowledge. Just a simple sign up will take your accounting worries away.
  • Anywhere access: ChargeERP can be accessed from anywhere through multiple devices. You can log in to your ChargeERP account from your computer, laptop and even from your smartphone.  
  • End-to-end encryption: The end-to-end encryption technology used in ChargeERP ensures data security. It means that only you can view them. 
  • Multiple language option: It comes with multiple language option which helps the user to use the software in his language. Presently, English and Hindi options are provided on the platform and very soon other regional languages will be added.
  • Cloud-based platform: It is important to mention that ChargeERP is a cloud-based platform where you don’t have to worry about the data storage space. Neither do you have to face concerns like system crashes which often destroy business-related data.
  • Report generation: You can instantly generate customer bills, seller bills, collection reports, ledger and various other reports. In addition to it, you can download them in a professional manner.
  • WhatsApp Sharing: This feature of ChargeERP enables commission agents (aadathiyas) to receive bills and reports on their WhatsApp number which can be further forwarded to customers and other stakeholders. 

Apart from these, it has several other important features that make accounting pleasant. Most importantly, it is cost-effective. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just book your free demo today by dialing +91 9311341199. To know more, log on to and experience the magic of online accounting.  

In conclusion, we would like to say that ChargeERP is uniquely designed for mandi accounting and solves numerous complexities related to it. It is affordable and maintenance-free. If you are a commission agent, then you can trust this technology for maximum profitability.