How ChargeERP Helps With Sale and Purchase?

How does ChargeERP help with sale and purchase How does ChargeERP help with sale and purchase

Buying and selling are the two important aspects of any business. A trading business needs to record its everyday sale and purchase activities. As buyers and sellers are involved in these businesses, it is also important to maintain a separate account for each of them. Even for agricultural trading, many accounting software programs are available in the market today. ChargeERP is a new offering and the best among them. It is an advanced cloud accounting software that helps in easing the daily mandi operations of commission agents. Let’s discuss how.

  • Maintain accounts – ChargeERP allows you to create and maintain accounts for all the sellers and customers involved in a business. It helps traders in finding records whenever required and running their business smoothly.
  • Easy billing – Usually, with other accounting software, it is not easy to get access to the bills and reports. However, with ChargeERP users can view, print and download seller and customer bills at any time. They can also share these bills over WhatsApp.
  • Product and crate management – ChargeERP also keeps a track of all the commodities and crates involved with them. There is a crate analysis section that records crate quantity, total crates issued and received. 
  • Supplier and customer filter – The cloud-based platform allows its users to apply date and other filters to get the desired list of suppliers and customers. This can result in cutting down a lot of time and energy for agricultural traders.      
  • ‘Quick Sale’ section – This section of ChargeERP helps in quickly creating sales entries for customers. However, the information here can be added or accessed on multiple devices and at any time. Also, there is a ‘Daily Sale’ section that helps in managing the arrivals and sales of items in one place.
  • Record details – Details of all the customers and suppliers can be recorded on this platform, including their name, address, phone number, etc. This helps users in building trust and establishing relationships in their business. 
  • Data security – When a user chooses an accounting software, he expects it to be extremely secure as various financial transactions are going to be recorded in it. ChargeERP provides end-to-end encryption to their users which does not allow access to any third party. 

Charge ERP is designed especially for commission agents to ease their daily sale and purchase activities in agricultural business. Not just it helps in saving a lot of time but also helps in expanding their businesses. If you are looking to explore more about this next-level accounting software, feel free to dial +91 9311341199 or visit