What Is The Role Of Aadathiyas In A Mandi?

The Role Of Aadathiyas In A Mandi Aadathiyas play an important role in mandis.

Aadathiyas or commission agents play a  significant role in mandi trading. Their job is much more than facilitating trades between farmers and buyers in a mandi. They are also responsible for arranging the auctions and delivering the farmer’s produce to the buyers. The income of aadathiyas solely depends on the quality, quantity, and value of produce traded through them.     

The role of aadathiyas in mandis

  1. Act as a facilitator – Aadathiyas help in bringing farmers and buyers together in the mandi. They are endowed with power in the agricultural marketing system, especially APMC mandis in India. Farmers or loaders hand over their produce to them. They acquire the goods and arrange for their purchase from a buyer. 
  2. Coordinate mandi auctions – After receiving the agricultural produce from the farmers, commission agents prepare it for mandi auctions. They assign laborers in the mandi and get the produce cleaned, sorted, and displayed for auctions. The auctioneer conducts the auction and the highest bidder wins the lot in the display. 
  3. Maintain records of received items – Aadathiyas are expected to maintain the records of all the commodities procured from the sellers or farmers. They are smart enough to use modern software to record the items received and sold to potential buyers. Cloud-based accounting platforms, such as ChargeERP helps commission agents in maintaining stores, crates, daily arrivals, and sale of items.  
  4. Support farmers – Farmers just have to approach a licensed commission agent to get their commodities sold to a buyer. They don’t require to be a part of the rest of the processes involved in the mandi for selling their goods. Aadathiyas also help with the credit requirements of farmers provided they maintain a good relationship with them.  
  5. Maintain customer and supplier accounts – Aadathiyas deal with many suppliers and customers on a daily basis. Hence they are expected to maintain their accounts and keep them updated with every deal. As it is tough for them to keep a record of these accounts on paper, many online accounting platforms are available to reduce their work. 

Online accounting software like ChargeERP has a dedicated ‘Accounts’ section for creating and maintaining new supplier and customer accounts. Apart from the details of suppliers, and customers, it can also keep a track of the outstanding balance and credit limits.  

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