APEDA And Its Role In India’s Agribusiness And Exports

APEDA And Its Role In India's Agribusiness And Exports APEDA and its role in India's agribusiness and exports

According to the Agriculture Export Policy 2018, India is eyeing to touch the export target of Rs. 4,44,000 crores by 2022 and APEDA is trying to make it a reality. Being one of the largest facilitators in the export domain, it is helping Indian exporters to deliver the extraordinary. The support mechanism provided by APEDA is remarkable. Come, let’s explore what APEDA is offering in the export domain?


The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is a government organization that works under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The main responsibility of APEDA involves the promotion of products listed under the export domain. It also provides information, guidelines, and financial assistance according to the rules and regulations mentioned under the APEDA Act 1985

Role of APEDA in agribusiness and exports

APEDA plays a major role in the development of industries involved in exports. It undertakes surveys and studies related to the industry. Also, provides help through various joint ventures with different government organizations. Along with that, it helps in getting subsidies under different government schemes. Its major role can be explained as follows:

  • It has a major role in export registrations.
  • It constantly keeps an eye on the standards and specifications decided for export items.
  • It carries out inspections in slaughterhouses to check the quality of meat and allied products.
  • It inspects food processing plants, storage premises, etc. 
  • It also guides industries on improving product packaging.
  • It assists in the production and development of export-oriented items. 
  • It also provides training to industries involved in exports. 
  • Along with that, it collects data related to the production, processing, and marketing of products.

List of APEDA products

Several products related to agribusinesses are listed under APEDA’s export list. Fruits and vegetables, dairy products, bakery, honey, jaggery, sugar, and confectioneries are a few among them. Along with that, many other industries are also an integral part of APEDA’s export ecosystem. Let’s have a quick look at the list of products listed under APEDA. 

  • Dairy products
  • Fruits and vegetables 
  • Meat and affiliated products
  • Confectionery and bakery products
  • Jaggery, honey, and sugar products
  • Cereal and allied products
  • Guar gum
  • Pickles, peanuts and walnuts, etc.
  • Herbal and medicinal plants
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic products etc.

Even floriculture products are also a part of APEDA’s list. Nowadays, it is also monitoring the import of sugar as well.

APEDA and organic certification

You might be surprised but APEDA is one of the major implementing agencies of the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) which was launched in 2001. It is exclusively designed to promote organic production in India. Accreditation of Certification Bodies, setting standards for organic production, and promotion of organic farming are the major aspects of this program and APEDA is ensuring its robust implementation. 

APEDA And Its Role In India's Agribusiness And Exports
APEDA And Its Role In India’s Agribusiness And Exports

Source – apeda.gov.in 

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Looking at the present scenario, it is clear that APEDA, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is paving a new way for India’s agribusiness and exports. It functions in accordance with certain rules and regulations, yet creatively provides extraordinary results. Undoubtedly, it has a major role in India’s increasing export numbers. The kind of reputation APEDA has, it’s quite possible that the export target of Rs. 4,44,000 will be easily met by 2022.