Master ChargeERP In A Simple Way

Master ChargeERP In A Simple Way Master ChargeERP easily.

The last few decades have been significant in terms of technological advancements. The Internet has further enhanced its strength and today we are experiencing much-awaited change. ChargeERP is one such gift of technology that is changing the mandi ecosystem.

This cloud-based online accounting software is now becoming the first choice of commission agents (aadathiyas). It has made us believe that the most challenging tasks can also be mastered simply and effectively. Let’s figure out how ChargeERP can make things easy for aadathiyas.

It’s simple to use

Many among us are often afraid to use technology. It happens because we always see technology as a challenge. Whereas technology helps us overcome the challenges we face in our lives. For instance, accounting is the major challenge aadathiyas face on a daily basis. They have to sit for hours in manual accounting and in case if any human error occurs, it further piles up the task. 

On the other using technology like ChargeERP gives them an advantage over manual accounting because 90% of the accounting is done in an automated way. You just have to fill in the details and the technology based on pre-filled data gives you 100% accurate results. Also, the interface is designed in a simple manner so that users can use it easily. Ultimately, they are the ones who would be performing the tasks.

Instructional videos

ChargeERP also provides the users with the facility of instructional videos. One can access the videos from our websiteFacebook page or even from YouTube. Each page/module of ChargeERP is explained thoroughly. It will clear all your doubts. 

Multiple language interface

Hello, Namaskar, Vanakkam, Sat Sri Akaal…

At ChargeERP, we know the power of languages. This is the reason we are providing our users with the facility of multiple language options. You can simply choose the language of your choice and perform your tasks. One can easily find Hindi, English, and other regional languages on this online accounting platform.

Free Demo 

The best part with ChargeERP is that you can book a free demo by simply calling us at +91 9311341199. You can either sign up on our official website Once you make the request, a meeting is arranged with a ChargeERP expert who guides you and clears all your doubts.  

Customer care support

Customer Care support is one of the USPs of ChargeERP. We have a big pool of experts who are available 24×7. If you face any kind of difficulties, a simple dial on +91 9311341199 would solve all your problems. You can also email us your queries at Furthermore, you can chat with our expert by using the ‘chat with us’ option. By using the above-mentioned means, you can easily connect and find solutions to your problems.


Whether you are tech-friendly or someone who hardly uses technology, you would find ChargeERP extremely easy to use. Its user-friendly design and interface ensure that you become a pro in no time.  Also, you will consistently get strong support that other mandi software in the market fails to offer.