Top Countries In Agricultural Exports

Top countries in agricultural exports Top countries in agricultural exports

“Food” is the most important aspect of our lives. We can even see it as the most crucial element in economies around the world. This is the reason countries are dedicatedly trying to achieve massive outcomes in food production. Here, we will take a look at some of the largest agricultural producers and exporters in the world. 


The United States of America is one of the largest agricultural producer countries in the world. It is well known for its oats, soybean, and tomatoes. In 2020, the country’s agricultural exports stood at near about Rs. 14,600 crores. This was the second time the USA achieved such a massive export after 2014.

Key highlights:

  • In 2020, soybeans exports stood at around RS. 2570 crores
  • In the same year, corn exports stood at Rs. 920 Crores


In terms of exports, Germany has always been on top. Its agricultural products are exported worldwide. If we talk about the major industries in the country, dairy, sugar beets, and cereals feature prominently on the charts. It is the No. 1 exporter of cheese, confectionaries, and pork.

Key highlights:

  • It is the 2nd largest organic market in the world.
  • 3rd largest country in overall exports.


In terms of GDP, Brazil was among the top 10 economies of the world in the year 2019. Undeniably exports have a major role in Brazil’s grand economic status. It is one of the largest producers of coffee in the world. Coming to exports, Brazil excels in this domain. Oilseeds, cereals, coffee, spices, rubber, cocoa, flour, starch, fruits, and nuts are among the few which come under the export list of this country. 

Key highlights:

  • One of the top exporters of soybean.
  • Exports always remain on the higher side.


France owns a special space in the agricultural export domain. In the past two decades, exports have almost doubled. Its primary exports are wheat, wine, sugar, and beef.  In 2019 it exported its products to countries like the USA, UK, Spain, and Belgium.

Key highlights:

  • One of the top exporters to the European Union


China is among the largest agricultural producer countries in the world. In terms of rice production China beats most of its counterparts. In addition to this, corn is also produced in large quantities. 

Key highlights:

  • In 2019, China exported agriculture commodities worth Rs.479742 crores.
  • Agricultural exports comprise 7% of the total volume of Chinese exports.


India has been consistent in terms of trade surplus. It is worth mentioning that the country’s exports play a vital role in it. During the tough time of the pandemic as well, Indian agricultural exports were outstanding. In 2020-21, the export of agriculture and allied commodities stood at Rs. 2.74 lakh crore. It shows a significant increase as in 2019-20, the exports stood at Rs. 2.31 lakh crore. Coming on to agricultural products – wheat, cereals, rice, spices, soya meal, cotton, sugar, vegetables, etc. are among the major contributors to the exports. 

Key highlights:

  • The agricultural exports increased by 18.49% in 2020-21.
  • Wheat export has seen exceptional growth of 727%.
  • In 2020, India was the top country in milk production. It accounted for almost 40.56% of the world’s milk production.
Growth in Indian
Growth in Indian exports. Source- Economic Survey 2020-21

Source- Economic Survey 2020-21

It gives us immense pride that our country is leading on all fronts. Today, our trade surpluses clearly indicate that India’s agricultural production is achieving new heights. Also, we can credit our mandis as well because they play a crucial role in supply chain management. 

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India has gained a significant reputation in terms of agricultural exports. There are many developed countries that are far ahead, but the pace India is keeping to surpass them is really commendable. With a positive approach and dedicated efforts, India could write a new story in this sector.