Charge ERP – An Expert Solution To The Daily Mandi Operations Of Commission Agents

ChargeERP ideal for commission agent's daily business dealings ChargeERP - An expert solution to the daily mandi operations of Commission Agents

Is it enough for accounting software to consider just one aspect of mandi rather than all? If this is the case, then you are not using the right mandi accounting software. There is a chain of events involved in mandi businesses. That’s why, accounting software that can keep a track of all the data related to customers and suppliers along with their daily transactions, is required. One such mandi accounting software is ChargeERP.       

Let’s know, how ChargeERP is a solution to the daily mandi operations of commission agents:

Daily sale – ‘Daily Sale’ section helps in keeping a track of the daily sale and purchase transactions of agricultural traders. Details related to both customers and sellers are updated here. 

Customer and seller bills – The software has a provision to generate customer and supplier bills, automatically after adding commission percentages. Check the status of all the transactions related to your customers and suppliers, keep a record of payments yet to be paid or received and make your business better.

Add financial information – The ‘Financials’ section is available to add financial information related to suppliers and customers. This includes the type of account, mode of payment, business-related information, and transactions related information of all time.      

Easy information sharing – With the help of ChargeERP, commission agents can easily access customer details. You can easily share information with your customers with the click of a button. Details will be shared on their WhatsApp numbers. You can also give reminders to your customers on their WhatsApp numbers.

Supplier Management – You can easily manage your supplier’s data with the help of this software. It includes purchase orders, seller bills, costs, and much more. Based on the supplier’s previous transactional data, you can analyze your business growth.   

Inventory – You can easily manage the inventory of items and keep control over them. All inventory facilities related to mandi will be provided here such as market price, actual cost, etc. 

Sales Report – ‘Daily sales’ section can help you track your daily sales. You can also know about your top customers easily. Track everything related to sales with the help of this software. You can keep an eye on your customers and sales with real-time reports and ensure you do not have to bear any loss.

All reports in one place – All types of reports such as sale and purchase reports, item sales, financial, ledger balance and accounting reports are available in this mandi software.

Auto-data backup and security – To keep your data secure, Charge ERP software saves your data on the cloud. It ensures no one else, other than you can access the data.

ChargeERP accounting software is a boon for mandi business. It is an ideal software for Commission agents and their customers and suppliers. To know more, sign up at or dial +91 9311341199 and book your free demo today!