Offline Or Online Accounting Software: Which One You Should Choose?

Offline Accounting Software Vs Online Accounting Software Offline Accounting Software Vs Online Accounting Software - Which one should choose?

From maintaining paper ledgers to using accounting software, accounting methods have always evolved in the quest of simplifying businesses. Nowadays even small business owners can’t imagine their business without accounting software. No matter if they know finance or not, these accounting platforms are designed in a manner that anyone can master. With the click of a button, they can let you create pages of reports, bills, sale and purchase orders.     

Both online accounting software and offline accounting software are used widely across the globe. In this article, we will discuss both of them in detail and figure out which one you should choose. 

Benefits of Online Accounting Software

  • Online accounting is cloud-based accounting software. It means that everything you need is kept in one place and can be accessed by different users at one time. 
  • High-level security is expected of online accounting software as it is integrated with end-to-end encryption. It ensures your data is kept safely and privately.
  • Online accounting solutions receive automatic software updates negating the need for you to manually check and make installs. This saves a lot of time for everyone.
  • Accessibility is the biggest advantage of online accounting. Even if your system crashes or gets damaged, you can still access your information from other devices.   

A Quick Comparison – Offline Vs Online Accounting Software 

Features Offline Accounting Software Online Accounting Software
Accessibility Limited to one system Access anywhere, anytime
Updates Manually done Automatically done
Security Secure against virus and hacking Data is end-to-end encrypted
Storage Takes up system storage Data is stored on the cloud
Internet Independent of Internet Internet-dependent 
Real-time data sharing It’s difficult (through LAN network)  It’s easy

Benefits of Offline Accounting Software

  • Offline accounting software is not internet-dependent. It means you can access your most critical data without being connected to the internet, in a matter of seconds. 

Limitations of Offline Accounting Software

  • After installing offline software, you have to always make sure it is up-to-date. Unlike cloud-based accounting, the program in offline accounting cannot update itself. It needs someone to keep an eye on its versions and upcoming installation dates.  
  • While using offline accounting software, data is often shared via USBs or emails hence risking the security of potentially sensitive data.
  • Working on offline desktop programs means you are working on the system in which the software is installed. Hence, collaborative projects can’t take place. 
  • With regular accounting software, you have to pay close attention to maintaining your existing server and after some time, buying a new server. 

Which one to choose?

Even though both online and offline accounting software has their pros and cons. Online accounting software, which is also cloud-based accounting software,  has an edge over offline one. They are quick, safe, easy-to-understand and are continuously advancing in terms of usage and technology. 

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